It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day, It’s a New Life… For Me

December 31, 2008

This time of the year generally leads a person to look back at the year and reminisce about how it went, and make a forecast of what’s to come in the upcoming year.  I did some reading through my posts this year, and it’s hard to believe that a lot of the stuff I posted here was as far back as it was.  The lame cliche “I remember it like it was yesterday” is so very true.  Here’s 2008 in retrospect relative to me, with some references to some old posts this year.

The last post of 2007 had a very bitter tone to it.  As I recall, I was feeling like shit.  What’s new there.  But there was a gleam of light!  I contemplated on changing my major.  Then school let out until this year started, and so school started again.  The beginning of 2008 doesn’t sound to pleasing after reading what I wrote.  Lots of people problem, roommate problems.  But it got better after mid-February.    I tried surfing for the first time this year, which I think is a pretty noteworthy milestone.  Well, maybe not better per se, but more tolerable.  I think at that point, I’ve realized that I just gotta go with the flow.  Then some more unmemorable stuff happened.  I just recall seeing a lot of the basement of the library during Spring quarter.  I was usually there until it closed at 2am, and I remember the internet constantly disconnecting me for no apparent reason.
Then it seems that everything was beginning to really pile up when May rolled around.  Maybe it was really here that I had a decent recognition of my scatterbrain:  “‘i don’t care about stuff anymore’ kinda thinking.”  Summer came.  I did some more thinking about housing and my plans for the semi-immediate future.  As of now, I’m still hoping they follow through.  That point in time was kind of big for me.  It was where I asserted I would make some changes.  But those changes had to wait until my junior year started.  A nice Radiohead concert helped pass the time though.  It was about time Daniel and I got to see them live.  That was pretty much the end of summer.  The rest could be easily overlooked.
Then school started up again, and I had some high hopes.  Another milestone I hit early on though:  my four mile run!  It doesn’t seem very impressive now, after hearing my friends talk about their marathon training and them running 12 miles, or my cross-country friend practically running four miles as a warmup.  Weezer was the next big thing that happened, since everything else in between was basically my classes, and the constant barrage of homework and projects, which followed the concert to an even greater degree of suckiness.  Then after Weezer, there was Jenny Lewis.  Surprisingly, I think my programming class is noteworthy.  As much as it was stressful and overall unenjoyable, there was the upside of meeting cool people.  Not only that, I walked away with some good “partner from hell” stories.  My on-campus job is a good thing about 2008 too.  Nothing but good stuff from there, kind of.  Also tried the whole mustache thing for a bit.  My face looks very naked without it there anymore haha.  Oh, and my newfound general adventurous taste in music is something I’d like to add to the list of something that happened this year (late this year).

That basically wraps up 2008.  On to what’s in store for 2009–in a convenient bullet format!

  • internship at movie studio/production company (pray for me!)
  • not coming home for the summer
  • buying a drum kit (althought I wouldn’t know where to put it)
  • finally getting those dings in my surfboard fixed
  • running more than four miles
  • learning some marketable skills from my classes
  • “stuff”
  • make more money
  • mostly more independence from parents, I can’t emphasize that enough

And there you have it my friends.  A look at 2008 and 2009 all relative to me.  It’s really a reiteration of what I expected from 2008, with some extra things sprinkled on top.  Everything that happened this year seems so miniscule, but it seems like it just happened.  Really odd.  2008 definitely seemed laden with epiphanies, that it all amounts to one big year of realization and growing up.  2009 will have to be the year that I try some of this new knowledge out, since I have some cushion to fall on.  Once 2010 rolls around, I will be screwed if I’m not prepared.  But let’s not think too far ahead.  As I’ve realized, a bunch of crap happens before I know it.

Happy New Year everyone.


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