This is Why Events Unnverve Me

January 17, 2009

My stomach sank when I was trying to give my friend some music from my external hard drive today.  I arranged my music folder from A-G, H-Q, and so on and so forth.  A-G worked fine, but when I went to H-Q, nothing showed up in the folder.  I checked the size of the folder on his MacBook, and it said the folder size is 0MB.  R-S?  Nothing!  T-Z?  Nothing?!  Fuuuuuuuck me.  I thought I had lost 43GB of music.  Luckily it’s just some stupid Mac/PC proprietary shit that didn’t allow me to see the folders on his laptop.  I thought it was because I was accidentally being too rough while transporting it today, or maybe shouldn’t have left it in the trunk while I was at work.  I guess this is not worthy of a whole new post devoted to this stupid story, but I haven’t felt that scared and angry in a really long time so I wanted to share.

Actually, I guess I have other stuff on my mind too.
There was a job fair the other day at my school.  I got dressed up, donned a tie and even put gel in my hair (something I haven’t done in ages), all to impress some potential employers.  Well, I went in really hoping to make contact with one company, who’s located ridiculously close to where I’m living at the moment.  Since I’ve mentioned one of the big perks of this company, let me just continue on this tangent of glorifying the pros of this company and explain why I would want to work there.  This company I speak of is called Intuit.  You may have heard of them; they make software such as TurboTax and QuickBooks.  The paid internship spot I’m looking to obtain is called “Interaction Design.”  I’m not sure how to explain, but I think I’d do well with that stuff.  And not only that, it’s pretty much one of the few internships I’ve seen that focuses on the artsier side of technology, rather than the programming aspects or such.  In addition, they gave me a list of “perks” if I do end up interning there.  A lot of typical stuff like “learn a ton, grow your skills” and “consideration for full-time job after graduation.”  But one thing that really impressed me was the “on-site oil changes and car detail services.”  That’s really exciting for some reason haha.

Anyways, back to the actual job fair I was talking about.  I dressed up, went to the fair, and walked around a bit.  Most employers were looking for CSE majors so I overlooked them.  I thought I’d chew the fat a bit and went up to Veoh to see if they had any positions related to my major.  The details of this is really drab, so I’ll summarize it in a phrase (and this is also my topic for the second part of today’s rant, FYI):  I’m really underqualified for a lot of jobs/internships.  If I hadn’t taken that webdesign class last summer, I’d be in deeper shit than I am in now.  My resume is rather lacking, and I don’t really have anything to make a portfolio of some sort.  Summer internship at Pixar is pretty much out the door at this point, but I guess I’ll apply for the hell of it.  They might accidentally choose me by accident, who knows?  Anywho, that’s about the extent of the job fair.  I left my resume with the Intuit people and they told me to officially apply online.  Their list of qualifications for the spot I want isn’t too bad, though I am still lacking in some spots.  Hopefully they’re reasonable people and understand that a guy has to start somewhere.


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