Less Than You Think

January 25, 2009

Am I wrong to think that you should try and keep someone else’s belonging(s) in the best condition that you possibly can if you’re borrowing it from them?  Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who thinks this.  Why?  I bought a practically brand new wetsuit a few months ago, and since I’m not an idiot who feels like I have to wake up every morning at 5 just to go surfing like my friend who’s borrowing my wetsuit does, I kindly offered to let him borrow it.  I assumed that since he surfs and whatnot, that he knows how to care for a wetsuit, and even if he didn’t, I ignorantly assumed he knew to try and take care of it because it’s not actually his.  Well, he didn’t take care of it–not my definition of “taking care” anyways.  He turned the damn wetsuit inside out after taking it off in the shower and so there was a bunch of sand still caked inside.  Not only that, the cuffs at the wrist and the ankle were all crumpled, so now the damn neoprene is bent and thinned out where they were creased.  I’m getting pissed off just thinking about it.  Perhaps I’m overreacting.  A wetsuit is supposed to take a beating isn’t it?  Yes.  But I would have liked to be the one to fuck it up, seeing as how I’M THE ONE WHO PAID FOR IT.  Not only was it sandy, wrinkled, and NOT hanged to dry on a hanger, but now it smells like shit because it was (and still is) damp since he didn’t hang dry it.

Honestly, is this not common sense to not fuck someone else’s shit up?  I always try and take care of the things that someone kindly let me borrow or use, so it’s hard for me to fathom how people can be so careless about simple things like this.  Yet again though, I feel like this is my fault.  I know how this guy is; he’s messy and doesn’t take care of his belongings.  If you saw his room you’d understand.  I should have seen this coming and never should have been nice.

It’s not only the guy who borrows my wetsuit though.  Another guy who plays my guitar (who doesn’t know how to play my guitar) likes to strum really hard on the strings like it’s some stupid Guitar Hero guitar or something.  I realize my guitar is a piece of shit, but I don’t need someone else to make it worse.  Let’s all learn from these morons who don’t know proper etiquette or respect for other people’s belongings, and take note to not be a bitch and fuck someone else’s shit up the next time they let you borrow it.


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