Untitled 09

February 2, 2009

So my friend and I are thinking about trying to do another cover CD, except with more instruments–namely electric guitar and drums.  I would play the guitar, and my friend would play the drums.  We tried playing some covers, but it’s not working.  I don’t want to sound like some kind of stuck-up cocky asshole, but it’s hard to play anything with him because he’s kinda bad on drums.  Not terrible, it’s just he can’t do anything more than a simple beat, in the same tempo.  This gets really boring when I have to come up with lame little guitar riffs that revolve around that same tempo all the time, since it’s more fun to come up with stuff instead of hearing him drum something totally different than the real song.

And sometimes for songs we do cover, he fucks up and drags on an extra beat, and so I end up fucking up because I’m wondering where he’s going, then he just stops playing.  We’ve done some songs and it just doesn’t sound good at all because, well, the drums suck.  He tells me, “Well we’re not gonna play the drums the exact same way as the song.”  Of course not, but at least try to make it match up with the beat and rhythm they’re going with and try to keep some semblence to the original song.  I don’t tell him that though.  And it doesn’t help that I suck on the guitar either.  It’s also a bummer that I can’t play the drums because he’s worse on the guitar than he is on the drums.  It’s just a bad deal all around, so I doubt this second CD will ever follow through.  I’m not saying all this because I think I’m better at drums or anything, but more of a means to express my acknowledgement of how it feels to jam with other people who aren’t up to par with your own skills.  I get why my friends rarely ever jam together; it’s such a drag when one of you suck.


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