The Ups and Downs

February 21, 2009

My goal/new year’s resolution to not get sick this year came to a fairly slow stop.  I’ve felt some sickness trying to catch on, but I managed to fight it for a week or two.  I think it really began on Monday, when I was so incredibly tired and sleepy for whatever reason.  Then a few days later, my wisdom tooth just started to hurt out of nowhere, which in turn seemed to give me a sore throat– the one where it feels like there’s something stuck in your throat whenever you swallow.  My guess is my tonsils started to swell up because it thought the tooth thing might’ve been an infection of some sort.  And then today, when I thought I was back to normal health after recovering from the whole tooth ordeal, my nose starts running, I start sneezing a lot, and the deal breaker:  a scratchy throat.  So at this point, there’s really not much I can do to stop it.  I just have to get snort some vitamin C or something, maybe that’ll help.

I suppose there is some good news.  For about a year now, I thought my $15 flange pedal was broken.  But I noticed when I plugged it in with my other pedals for the hell of it, that the sound coming through was weak, and the blue light was really dim.  So I plugged it in to the outlet and the pedal worked like new.  Turns out it was a dead battery!  You gotta love it when you make these kinds of discoveries.


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