Feeling Good

March 20, 2009

I generally try not to reuse songs/song references twice as my title, but I couldn’t think of anything more relevant at the moment.  For the next few days, this is my theme song:  Feeling Good by Muse.  Finals are over bitches!  I had a burrito on Sunday that was the size of my forearm (no lie), and I’m still feeling it today.  I won’t go into details, but that burrito really fucks you up.

I didn’t get accepted for the CalIT2 Summer Undergrad Research Internship, but that’s fine because I wasn’t really expecting to get it anyways.  I calculated out the stipend I would get if I got the internship, and for working 10 weeks, 40 hours per week, I would be making $7.50 an hour.  I guess the experience would be worth it, but that is a big factor in me not caring that I didn’t get it.  My mentor offered me a fallback internship which would also be on campus at the Supercomputer Center for nearly twice that of the CalIT2 internship.  She even asked what I’m making now, and that they might be able to match it.  The question remains:  do I lie and say I’m making $60/hour?  Kidding of course.  If I lied, it would be reasonable.  But $15 is more than reasonable– at least that’s what I think.

So now onto spring break.  What will I be doing?  I foresee a lot of running, TV watching, program learning, Blockles, and maybe trying to learn a few new songs for next quarter.  Take Cover is attempting to record another CD.  A much more experimental one at that.  We’re aiming for that anyways.  Not necessarily “experimental” like math rock on acid and shrooms or anything, just “experimental” as in not acoustic.  Anyways, we’ll see where that goes.  I’m kind of looking forward to it now that I have no school work to be devoting my mind to.

And lastly, I think I finally got the hang of keeping a slow separate tempo drumming on the high-hat while doing a faster tempo on the kick drums!  Not well of course, but I’m getting there!

Note: I didn’t host the song, so thanks to inner-tranquility.net for doing it.


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