I Done Already Been Up In There

March 26, 2009

Many things didn’t go according to plan tonight.  The intended plan was to head out at 630, get to Pink’s, then the Echo, then home.  Everything up until and including Pink’s went fine.

We thought we would be late when we left Pink’s to get to the Echo, Google Maps gave us a wrong and non-existent exit (4B), and we ended up having to exit and turn around.  So we did that and got back on track until we had to find the place.  There was a little hidden sign on the back of a van that said “The Echo Valet Parking,” but I only caught a glimpse of it, so I made the second U-turn of the night, four blocks later because there was no U-turn at the other intersections.  So I turned around, and missed it again, so U-turn number three.  We turn into the valet parking, and is greeted with a valet parker or security guard or something who tells us that this is the EchoPLEX, not the Echo.  So we turned out of that cramped little alley way, and my friend said I should turn right.  We realized that it was the wrong way, so U-turn number four.  Then we made a left instead of a right at Park, so U-turn five.  Then finally we see the Echo.  It was a shitty little place not worth a second glance, but luckily there was a nice little parking lot.  My friend and I rushed to the Echo, waited in line, and then she spots the sign on the door that says Starfucker doesn’t come on until 9.  We were rushing for nothing.  So we decided to go back to the car and eat our hot dogs we had to get to-go from Pink’s.  After we horked them down (they were very delicious by the way; we ate half-and-half of a bacon chili-cheese dog and a ____, which I forgot, but it was goood), we went back and got in line.  The dude cards my friend and I, and the bouncer wouldn’t let my friend in because her ID card is expired, despite the fact that it clearly read that she was 21 on his little scanner machine.  We tried to convince him that she wasn’t going to drink or anything, but the fatass tells us “Sorry I don’t make the rules.”  Ugh.  So we walk back to the car and debate on what to do next.  We decided to drive around Sunset Blvd. to do some exploring, and go to Amoeba to peruse.  But before we did that, I wanted to walk back to the Echo and get our tickets at willcall.  Turns out there aren’t even any tickets!  They just marked it off a stupid list.  Ugh.

So I just left, mad that I couldn’t even get tickets.  My friend felt really bad and told me I should just go watch them without her, but I would’ve felt horrible for having her wait in the car while I was inside, so off to Amoeba we went.  My friend said she thinks we have to make a right, so I made a right, and it was the wrong way:  U-turn number six.  During that U-turn I thought I saw a bunch of lights, so I voluntarily did a U-turn number seven, but was wrong, so I did a U-turn number eight.  We eventually got to Amoeba, looked around, and left for Canters.  My friend suggested we turn right at Melrose, which looked weird, but I did it anyways.  Needless to say, I did a U-turn nine.  Canters itself was a cool little place, and I had some potato pancakes and some of my friend’s sundae.  Fun trip even though we couldn’t see the band.  A good change of scenery for once.  So we left Canters and headed for the freeway, but the onramp from Melrose was closed.  so we had to go around all the way to Sunset (I think it was) to get on the onramp.  But we were finally on our way.  Then U-turn number ten happened when my friend told me to make a right, but I made a left because I was obviously not paying attention at all.  Fun night exploring LA.


One Response to “I Done Already Been Up In There”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    i’m currently reading anthony kiedis’s autobiography and in his late teens anthony, flea and hillel use to go to canter’s with the intention of dine and dashing cuz they had no money but were very hungry and so they did…lots of times. years later anthony went back and gave them monies cuz he felt bad. i probably read that part just as you were there. how coools.

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