Blame It on Bad Luck

April 11, 2009

Allow me to recap how my week went.  I tried my best to rant in a linear fashion, with as little time jumps as possible.

Sunday was when my car started to act strange.   It was all hot from sitting in the sun, so at the first stoplight not long after I started my car, I figured I’d turn on the air conditioner for a bit to blow out all the hot air in the vents.  When I did that, the engine started to grind.  Not a good idea.  So I immediately turned it off and thought my car was fine; I assumed it was because my engine wasn’t warmed up much.  Later that night when I went out to dinner, the engine started to make weird sounds, and it started to worry me.  It wasn’t until later that night that it got significantly worse that I was afraid to drive home because I wasn’t sure if it was going to break down on the freeway which is pitch dark mind you.  But I did it anyways.  By the time I got home, it sounded like someone poured sand into the engine.  I thought that maybe I was low on motor oil, but that didn’t make much sense because I had about 1,500 miles until my next oil change.  I left a note for the guy that also lives in this house (Chris) and asked if he could check my car in the morning.

Monday morning Chris woke me up.  He told me I was significantly low on oil and offered to go buy some motor oil and an oil filter and help change it for me the same day.  When we bought it and came back to the house to change the oil, Chris did a somewhat more thorough check of the engine.  He lifted up the cap on the spark plug holes atop the valve cover and discovered a bunch of oil went into it.  That’s why I lost all my motor oil so quickly.  So I had to go buy gaskets and crap to replace the defective ones in my car, and had to buy a new set of spark plugs and cables too.  So far, that totaled about $104 for all the stupid parts I had to buy.  It turned out the cover I got didn’t even fit, and some parts were missing from the box.  I ended up having to return it today.  Chris nearly got it all fixed until he screwed on the last bolt right in the middle of the valve cover too tightly that it snapped, causing the screw to sink down too low to be able to screw the bolt on.  Since Chris couldn’t fix it, he had me go to his mechanic to get it fixed, and said it’ll cost $65.  His mechanic also said that my AC compressor is dead, and that was what was causing the grinding noise because the belt was making it run while it was fried or something.  This was Tuesday, so they had to order the part which took a day to get and repair.  In the meantime I had to drive Chris’ truck.  Chris worked a full day Wednesday so he offered to take me Thursday to pick up my car since he had the day off.

On Wednesday I hit the snooze button too many times that my alarm stopped going off, so I slept until 12:50pm, ten minutes before my first class was to start.  I wasn’t used to waking up at 7:30am the past two days, so I was really tired I guess.  I barely made it to class with five minutes left to spare before class ended.  But the professor didn’t even take role that day.  Then later that night when I was driving home, I stopped at the stop light and even waited for a car that was fairly far away to drive by before I made my right turn.  When I proceeded to turn, the camera flashes.  I was more shocked than mad.  Shocked mostly because I did NOTHING illegal.  There was no sign that said “No turning on red” or anything like that.  Luckily when I got home though, Chris said not to worry about it because it still has the plates from the old owner, and plus apparently there’s a grace period for newly installed cameras (which it was).  I filled up the tank on Chris’ truck as a thank you right before I got home.  I had no idea how large the tank on the truck is.  I spent $27 filling it up; that’s two weeks of gas for me.

Thursday morning I get dropped off at the repair shop to pick up my car.  I get the bill:  $107.85, not$65.  Confusion sets in.  I look at the top of the page to see what they charged me for.  $65 for the screw, and $40 for a new valve cover gasket and grommets.  Fine.  I paid them and left for work.  Things were starting to look up when I left for school.  I drove past at least 15 stop lights, and all of them were green.  When I finally got to school, I had about 30 minutes to look for parking.  I drove around for about 20 minutes before going to the first floor and waiting for people to leave.  Waited another 20 minutes until I got desperate and drove around again for about 20 minutes.  I was already late and wasn’t going to waste more gas driving aimlessly around the stupid parking structure, so I went to the first floor again and waited for 30 minutes until someone finally left.  Allow me to do the math.  20 + 20 +20 + 30 = 1 hour and 30 minutes looking for fucking parking.  How fucking unbelievable is that.  I was an hour late for work.  There goes $11 dollars I needed to pay for the fucking repairs I had to make.  I also forgot to mention that I went to watch Adventureland.  As usual, there was at least one person who wouldn’t shut up.  But being the fantastic week that it was, it was not just one person who was talking, it was an entire beaner family.  The best part is I sat right in front of them.  At one point I got so pissed that I actually turned around and “shushed” them.  But that didn’t do anything.  I really wanted to turn around and say “shut the fuck up” but their kids were there for whatever reason.  Then again, I probably wouldn’t have done it anyways– which annoys me.

Then today was just depressing for no particular reason other than I’m exhausted from all this crap and losing so much money all at once.  I haven’t added up the costs of everything yet, so I may as well do it now.  It’ll be as much a surprise to you as it is for me.

$20.06 + $56.40 + $28.26 + $27 + $107.85 – $28.26 = $211.31

I suppose that’s not too bad.  But I may be getting my sister’s car she drives now, and she’ll probably have to buy a new car.  She’s almost made all the payments, but I offered to do that and help a bit with her new car payments too.  What a depressing subject.


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