May 18, 2009

edit:  Just to clarify, the title is the song by Ratatat, not Kelly Clarkson.  Nothing against Kelly.

Let me start off with the fortune I got in my fortune cookie today:  “Don’t let unexpected situations ‘throw’ you.”  Why couldn’t I have gotten this last Thursday instead.  Now, onto the meat of today’s post.

Normally I would leave this blog of mine to rants and bitchings about issues of my daily life.  But since I can’t seem to focus on writing my paper, along with the fact that I read something that is kind of thought provoking, I have decided to break away from my little trend and briefly discuss the news article I read.

The article is titled “Sheriff: La. 8th-grader planned school shooting” by Mary Foster.  My first reaction was obviously, “Another shooting?”  But after reading the entire article, I came to the realization that America’s youth has honestly become so desensitized.  Here’s the excerpt that should explain why it has become so obvious that kids should probably lay off the violent video games and such:

Coley Gaspard, 14, said he was in his seventh-grade English and reading class when the boy came in. The teen yelled for everyone to get down, cursing at the class. Nobody moved. Gaspard knew the boy, whom he described as quiet and nice, and thought it was a dramatic enactment for some sort of lesson. Then, he said, the boy walked over and pointed the gun at the teacher, ordering her to say, “Hail Marilyn Manson,” referring to the shock-rock icon, Gaspard said.
She said nothing. He fired into the wall and told another boy to get up. The seventh-grader stayed in his seat, and the teen left.

Nobody moved?  I realize that maybe they were shocked and possibly confused.  But I would think after he FIRES into the wall, the class would show a little more emotion.  I know that if I were back in middle school, and some kid walks into the class room holding a gun, I would be scared out of my mind.  Yeah, I suppose that it’s a good thing they didn’t panic since the gunkid ended up leaving, but no reaction?  Double-u-oh-double-u; wow.


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