June 24, 2009

Since when did I get all political?  Never, really.  But since I’ve been checking my Yahoo! mail every 15 minutes since I started work (mostly because I keep hitting mental road blocks), I’ve been seeing headline news about North Korea that show up on my welcome page.  Here’s the article.  And here’s my two cents on it.  Maybe even one since I won’t ramble too much about it.

North Korea is stupid.  Why?  This paragraph in particular irritated me:

“The North’s newspaper claimed in a lengthy commentary that the ‘nuclear umbrella’ commitment made it more likely for the U.S. to mount a nuclear attack on the communist North, and only ‘provides us with a stronger justification to have nuclear deterrent.'”

Uhm.  How about if you (North Korea) stop responding to global appeals to chill the fuck out with your nukes by threatening everyone, maybe that would give the rest of the world a little more peace of mind that you’re not a crazy son of a bitch country.  But since you are crazy, no one believes that missile you fired was for your space program.  Why has there been no coup yet?  Mutiny damnit!


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