I Will Work to Elevate You, Just Enough to Bring You Down

July 23, 2009

Summer has been uneventful, and I have nothing exciting to write about.  I’ll just talk about the minor things that go on in my life that are not really worth mentioning at all, but will do so anyways because I’m bored and have not posted anything in a while.

Today I go to the gym with my coworker.  The girl behind the counter scans my ID card, then I step to the side and wait for her to scan my friend’s ID card.  She then asks me in a confused voice if I was the one whose ID she just scanned and I tell her yes.  She scans it again and asks me if I’m enrolled for summer school at UCSD.  I tell her no and she tells me in an annoyed tone and raises her voice a little as to tell the rest of the people in line that I can’t go in cuz I didn’t pay for the recreation fee during the summer.   I ask her if I could just go in for today, and she shakes her head, and I took my ID card back and left.  I should’ve said “Well you don’t have to be a bitch about it” while I grabbed my ID card.  It’s not so weird that she wouldn’t let me in.  What IS weird is that I couldn’t get in TODAY.  Thursday, July 23.  It’s not a new week, a new month, or any type of first or last of anything.  I’ve been going to the gym the past few weeks and no one has said anything, so why now?  I’m confused, and will be going back to the gym again next week too.  Hopefully if the worst case scenario happens where the bitch is working the counter again, she won’t recognize me and I’ll tell her that I am enrolled in summer school.

An important life lesson:  never get your hopes up; nothing is set in stone.  People are flakes.  I recently made the mistake of getting excited about a trip and was informed that it may not be happening anymore.  Now I am disappointed not only that I may not be going, but because I actually got worked up over it and am now disappointed that I let myself get disappointed.  It’s disappointing.


One Response to “I Will Work to Elevate You, Just Enough to Bring You Down”

  1. yvonne Says:

    😦 life is a disappointment many times.

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