Nothing More Important Than to Know Someone’s Listening

August 17, 2009

What is wrong with everyone?

My personal rule of thumb is real life conversation etiquette applies online.  In truth, it’s not really a big deal.  Rejection, silence, no comments– nothing new there?  But when everyone starts doing this shit, it can really be annoying.  You wouldn’t start a conversation and just walk away without somehow terminating it with a phrase such as “hey, I have to go” or something of that nature.

And you would certainly not ignore a person who walks right up to you to talk.  If for whatever you’re not feeling chatty, I understand.  How do you deflect these attempts by someone else to start a conversation?  Simple:  you use your words.  “Can’t right now, I’ll talk to you later though” or “I’m busy” would suffice– and you don’t even have to say “sorry” or anything like that (at least not for me).  No questions asked.

What about if you’re talking to someone and they lead you to a topic you have nothing to talk about?  Would you just be completely silent?  Or would you throw in an interjection to try to keep the conversation somewhat going, even if it adds nothing to it?  This may be subject to some interpretation, but I choose the latter.  If I’m talking to someone who has taken the conversation to a dead end, I would at least acknowledge it rather than just let silence consume us (there’s some exceptions to this though, don’t get me wrong).  But that’s just me I guess.

And you would definitely not deflect someone’s question, answer another person’s question that was asked after the first person asked, then wait five or six days, then answer the first person’s question.  No, of course not.  That would be rude.

But yet, here we are, incapable of mastering the fundamentals of online communication, when in fact it’s identical to those in real life.  All a person really has to do is take those phrases I just said, depending on the situation, and paste it into the outgoing textbox.  As I said, it’s simple.  “But what’s the point?” you may be wondering.  Personally, I would just like to know that my message got through and that I didn’t piss you off or anything.  I can’t speak for everyone else and their friends, but I would appreciate some form of respect online.  Ignoring isn’t quite what I call respect.  Sure, I might be the problem.  But if that’s the case, you’re still ignoring me, and it won’t make me go away until you use your words like a grown up person.

But anyways, hey.  What’s up? [insert my lack of response to whatever you said] Doesn’t feel so good, does it?


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