August 25, 2009

A list/rant of sorts to organize my thoughts that are concerning me at the moment.  Most seem to be good.

  • Just got back from a roadtrip up and down California.
    • San Diego > Coto de Caza > Mammoth > around Yosemite > hicktowns/middle of nowhere around Fresno/Yosemite (North Fork, Auberry, etc.)  > Fresno > back into Yosemite (Vermilion Valley Resort) > Stockton > San Francisco > Stockton > Ojai > Coto de Caza > San Diego.
    • Miles traveled:  ~1400 miles.  Time driving:  ~15 hours the first day + ~13 hours driving back = ~28 hours
  • My boss gave me a raise and offered to let me work during the school year with incredibly flexible hours.
    • Fill out independent study form thingy for upcoming quarter!!!
  • I’m still keeping my old job too, but the pay is $6 less.  How do I split my time?
  • My friend found a job and is a now a teacher.  Congratulations!  But my NY plans are canceled.
    • What to do for my week off?  I don’t want to just sit at home all day.
  • Grad school plans?  I don’t know what I want.
    • GRE?  I know for sure NYU doesn’t need me to take it.  Not sure about other places.
    • App deadlines?
    • This website makes me want to go there because it’s exactly what I was expecting from my major now.

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