So Help Me, I Don’t Know, I Might, Just Give the Old Dark Side a Try

October 5, 2009

I’m at that point again this quarter where I don’t quite have an unrealistic amount of work to do, but yet I’m extremely overwhelmed.   I haven’t tried undertaking so many classes and real work since my senior year of high school.  It worked out ok then, I hope I get the same results this time.  I only intend to only  ramble about my classes that should help me sort out my own thoughts, so truth be told, this post isn’t worth reading.

VIS158 – so far just reading.  One book is a fairly interesting read (so far anyways) and the other book with pictures is horrifically boring.  So far, only one week and one day behind in readings.

ICAM103 – stupid music class that’s just a bunch of physics.  Extremely behind in readings; problem sets due this Thursday.

VIS147a – a bunch of stupid reading.  Labs aren’t too bad and are interesting.  Reading for lab to be done by Wednesday, reading for class to be done by Thursday.  First project with throwies must be done by Wednesday?  Actually do the project Tuesday night.

Vis145b – so far nothing, thank god.

AIP197 – fill out the fucking forms.  Then when I know I’m actually enrolled, start?  What do I do first?  Just write?  Or find some research and show professor?  Must finish AT LEAST 10 pages before quarter’s up.

work – fix Cygwin, have boss look at code and help me out so I can actually work and not feel guilty about clocking hours, consolidate sites into their own class, fix animation, finish app, actually start phone app

If you’re still actually reading, I do actually have something interesting to catalog.  I went wine tasting in Solvang this weekend, which was really fun.  I noticed some really subtle differences in the wine at the first two/three wineries, then by the fourth one, I didn’t really care.  Some drama later that night, but whatever– it didn’t concern myself.  On our way up there, we stopped by a restaurant on State St. in Santa Barbara, and they had this really good pastry called kringles.  It was absolutely amazing.  I want some right now.


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