Too High, Can’t Come Down

November 20, 2009

I can’t complain enough about this quarter.  It’s so irritating with all this work that I’m constantly worrying.  The advice is to take breaks.  I do, but there’s that damn little thought parading around in my mind that I’m wasting time if I’m not either writing one of my many papers, working on one of my many final projects, or working on my application at work (like right now).  I primarily want very dearly to stop thinking about my papers so I can go back to writing them with an uncluttered mind.  But the gears don’t stop turning.  I’ve been revising the same stupid 3 pages the past few days that I managed to get myself up to 4 pages with extended descriptions and run-on-like sentences (who knew learning how to use those stupid punctuation marks in high school would be helpful).  But it still doesn’t help since I’m avoiding the inevitable of discusses my main argument.  I hope to god I don’t the same asshole TA I had from my other class to read my paper because it’s going to suck thanks to my professor’s inability to clearly explain essay prompts.

Right now it’s 8pm.  I’m still at work, but I’m not doing work related things.  I was writing my paper until I decided to post this.  And now I’m going to eat my dinner:  instant noodle.

I would like to finish this uninteresting post with a last uninteresting observation.  It’s almost December 31st again.  This just amazes me.  Just 11 months ago I was writing a post that recapped the year, and now another year is nearly done with.  I wrote some things I hoped to expect from 2009, but so far very few has/will happen.  I guess there’s still a month and a couple of days left though.  Something amazing might happen.


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