All Fired Up

December 14, 2009

I wanted this post to be about what I did today, but wanted to first briefly talk about stuff on my mind.  “Briefly” quickly (and I mean very quickly) turned into a long rant about my class.  Needless to say, I’ve thrown in a lot of curse words in this one.  I’m sure I’ve had posts with more f-words and such in them, but I think I was just more conscious of it this time, so I’m tossing this warning-of-sorts into this header.  I also typically try to proofread my post prior to publishing, but at this length, I’m going to skip it.  I’ll likely find my typos a week or two later when I reread what I wrote, hopefully finding it amusing after having received good grades.  Again, that’s what I’m hoping.  It may or may not turn out that way.

You know by now how happy I am that the Fall quarter is over with.  You also know by now that it’s probably too good to be true that I can only be feeling happy right now.  You know me too well.  My indescribably feeling of freedom and hundreds of feelings that come bundled together with freedom are being overshadowed by feelings of anger, annoyance, and fear.  The fear of getting shitty grades.  After working my ass off every single motherfucking day this quarter (literally 8 hour work days, then 6-9p in the library, or class then library until 9 or 10p, and even more near the end of the quarter), I’m likely going to end up with shit grades.  Is it my fault?  I suppose it’s always going to be partly my fault; there was probably five minutes where I could have been studying instead of checking my email, or I could have studied instead of taking a break.  But this time, I gonna blame my bitch professor if he gives me a crap grade (i.e. C, or god forbid, a fucking D).  For many reasons that are perfectly clear to me, I’ll probably not be too pissed at the grades I get from my other classes–assuming I pass at least, which I better fucking do.  There’s just one of my classes and one of my professors that is a little bitch.  You’re about to join me while I bash his face in (metaphorically) through shit talking.  That is, truthful shit talking.

While logically speaking, there is absolutely no way he could possibly have the nerve to give me a D in the class, the dominant pessimistic side of me is chanting (and this is verbatim):  “That bitch is gonna give me a D.”  What is particularly irritating about this situation is not that he’s going to give me a shitty grade.  The irritating thing is that he likes the other groups projects who had shitty projects.  Shitty how?  Sure, they were presentable, somewhat good content from an objective standpoint.  But when you realize that all they did was use the professor’s stupid programs he showed us, and downloaded hours of YouTube videos of people playing a fucking video game, then using that to do their project, there’s not much to be impressed about.  On the contrary to my point of view and my project partner’s point of view, our professor seemed to very much like their projects.  What he didn’t seem to like was our project, that we spent more than 24 hours trying to do, using real-time data, and not utilizing the over-used software that the professor showed/”taught” us.  We used PHP and JavaScript to do our project and attempted to make something was wasn’t just a montage of hours of fucking video of a video game being played.  Let me go further with this.  They included in their shitty project, a 3-D model of a Mario World, world.  Since there’s no use in trying to hide what class this is, I might as well say it up front.  I’m talking about data visualization.  How the fuck is a 3-D model of Mario World (one small scene, mind you), a fucking data visualization.  And, this just seems to get better, how the hell is a picture of Mario Photoshopped to look like a human man data visualization?  My professor probably jizzed in his pants when that group was presenting their project.  Just because they used his stupid program, and in essence did EXACTLY the same thing he has done with one of his “data visualizations,” he likes their project more than our project.

I would like to stop there, but thankfully I don’t have school or homework to be doing, so I’m not going to stop there.  I think I’m due for an extremely long rant.  So to continue from me complaining about the other group’s shitty uncreative project, and my professor’s biased tendencies to like shit projects that used his shit software, my shit professor also feels he is an authority in web design, critiquing everyone’s web pages that were used to present our projects.  Yes, everything he said about other people’s website was true because they suck nuts at basic aesthetics of web design, it doesn’t mean my professor is in any means “good” or has a good eye for this stuff.  His website is crappier than mine.  Horizontal scrolling for your content?  Inconsistent fonts?  Poorly used font sizes?  Overall unpleasing layout?  Really?  You want to critique our websites?  That’s laughable.  What’s worse than his web page layout/design is his ability (or lack thereof, really) to lecture.  What are you saying?  What are you talking about?  Personally, I can sum up his lectures in no more than 3 minutes, and I’m assuming the worse.  He opens up a program, shows us some stupid examples he’s done, stumbles over how to get it to work, tries to explain its importance/relevance (which I’m assuming he tried to do), and then does this all over again for some other program.  One would assume this list of actions to be short.  That’s not the case.  He manages to drag out two software examples or something out for three hours.  I am honestly amazed how well he does that.  Bullshitting.  But wait, is it really bullshitting when most of what you’re talking about means nothing to the people you’re supposedly speaking to?  I don’t think so.  Perhaps it’s beyond the realm of bullshitting, and should be categorized as something else entirely.  Cuz at least with BSing, you make some kind of sense.  This motherfucker just talks and nobody knows what he’s talking about and most importantly doesn’t really give a damn.

Summing this up, if you’re still reading, I’m probably going to get a bad grade.  One reason is because my partner got help from his coworkers on the PHP and JavaScript stuff, but it ended up being to much work.  So he was over it.  Therefore the extra week our shit professor gave us to touch-up our project wasn’t really put to use.  So we’re turning in the “shit” project that we presented on Monday, that our stupid professor gave us three stars and two stars, out of four stars and four stars (for completion and quality).  And for some odd reason, he gave my partner three stars and three stars, but gave me the three stars and two stars.  What the fuck.  I hate that fucking bitch ass turd even more after that.  I’m gonna be mad if I get a C, but if he gives me a D (or even if I get the C and my partner gets a B, or I get a D and my partner gets a C, or any kind of permutation where I end up with a lower grade), then I’m going to go apeshit.  Not only do I need t0 pass this fucking class, but I need to pass this fucking class this fucking quarter or else I can’t fucking graduate.  To end, I shall append one of these seemingly in things nowadays for long posts such as these:

TL;DR – My professor is a fat, biased, cocky little bitch who sucks at teaching and web design, yet teaches a few of my classes and critiques his students’ web pages.  This turd will likely give me a shitty grade even though the other students’ unoriginal projects suck bigger wang than my project.


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