Gone for Good

December 31, 2009

To update those who actually read my last rant, I was in fact wrong.  Very, very wrong.  My professor literally gave everyone in the class A’s (except to one guy who probably dropped the class but was still enrolled).  Anyways, as nice as that may be, I still hope I never have to take any of his classes anymore.  My old argument still remains, I didn’t learn anything from him.

In keeping this tradition alive, this post will recap this past year (probably in very little detail unlike last year) and make some forecasts about the upcoming year too.

Sadly though, looking back at 2009, I really don’t recall any major events happening without having to reread some of my blog posts.  First, the goods.
• My very lucky summer internship at SDSC that turned into an awesome part time job opportunity during the school year.  I learned (and am still learning) a lot there, and my boss is extremely nice and lenient.  The real working world will likely not be like this at all.  And as an added bonus, I have an office all to myself which I should really do work in, but often take advantage of it and do my homework in.
• Also during the summer was my trip up to Northern California to visit some friends.  That was fun and interesting, particularly the part where we got lost the first two days trying to look for my friend near Yosemite.  Did some wakeboarding for the first time, and that was disastrous.  I was by far the worst person there, and had many face plants trying to just get up on the damn wakeboard.  It was fun being there with my friends though, as much as it sucked being the only one that couldn’t do much on the wakeboard.
• Good grades.  I was looking through my academic history, and the grade changes are pretty extreme.  It was like a kiddie roller coaster ride the first few quarters with my grades fluctuating at a pretty low altitude.  But it slowly eased up, and now I have a decent GPA for the first time since high school.  I have a rags-to-riches story– or an analogous form of it anyways.
• I got my sister’s old car to replace my car that was just about ready to die on me.  And it’s actually possible to keep it clean and new looking unlike my old car.

Now, onto the bad.
• My old car was a junker that cost me nearly three weeks of work when I still worked many hours over at Calit2.
• I got into my first car accident.  It was completely NOT my fault though.  A rental truck (not a Toyota Tundra or Ford F150 kind of truck, but a rental truck that’s a little bigger than a U-Haul truck) backed into my car while I was on the road along my school’s campus loop.  I paid nothing of course, but it was kind of a bitch to have to get my car repaired and go through all the paperwork with my lawyer who insisted I try to squeeze all the money I can out of the responsible party.  I don’t want to sound like a goody two-shoes, but I did not want to do that, and the lawyer kinda gave me a hard time for that.  I guess I would have caved in if the girl that backed her company rental truck into my car was a bitch, but that was far from the case.  She was nice, so too bad I would have felt guilty if I tried to take all her money.
• Had to get my windshield replaced after an extremely small pebble (we’re talking about a millimeter wide) hit it.  More money down the drain.
• Many of my friends traveled abroad, transferred to another school, or graduated.  I miss hanging out with them between classes and during our free time.
• I made an ass out of myself when I asked a friend out, which creeped her out so now I don’t think we’re really friends anymore.  But I think a lot of it also has to do with my not living in the CSE basement like I did before (because I had to in order to do my CSE assignments).  On the plus side though, I did get over it pretty quickly after a bitched and moaned about it to my friends who first laughed at me then talked me out of that miserable feeling a bit.  Still, it kind of sucks because she’s one of the very few girls I actually cared to try for (“try” is not a very good word to use, but I can’t think of any other words; “pursue” works but it sounds too needy).  I’m over it.  Though that’s not to say I wouldn’t date her if she came up to me and asked me for some miraculous reason.  But, whatever, I’m over it.

And the finale:  forecast.
• Graduation.  How incredibly frightening is it to think that I will be leaving this little shell I’ve grown very sick of, yet still want to clutch onto and never let go of.  After about five months and a few weeks, I’ll no longer be in college “learning”, but rather I’ll be working.  Working is the ideal situation.  Actually, working somewhere that’s not commuting distance from home is the ideal situation.  Getting there is the tough part.
• Possibly finding my own place to live.  I want very much to leave this house I live in now in San Diego.  The people I live with are slobs and are always there despite the fact they said they have another house somewhere a little up north.
• Working.  This follows graduating.  Though, this might end up being interning.  If that’s the case, I hope it’ll be paid, because I’m going to need money if I plan on not living at home.

And that’s about it.  The forecast doesn’t look too thrilling considering I mentioned only three things.  But those three things are pretty hefty transitions.  And aren’t you glad you’ll be able to read all about of these successes and more as 2010 progresses?  If some of the good luck I had in 2009 carries over into 2010, then there probably won’t be much interesting stuff to talk about.  But let’s hope that’s not the case.  Happy new year; 2010 is here.


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