Past and Present They Don’t Matter, Now the Future’s Sorted Out

January 6, 2010

Title is quite the opposite but it’s one of the songs stuck in my head.

I think I may have found something I may want to pursue:  interface/interactive design.  I guess this ranges from user interfaces of products and websites, etcetera, but leaning more on the aesthetic side of things, not the detailed psychology of the design.  Specifically speaking, I’m thinking of the interface you see in Minority Report.  Apparently the people who work on the interface (called g-speak) are mostly from RISD, MIT, and USC.  RISD never really caught my attention too much aside from it being a tier-1 school, but I want to go there more than I did before after reading a little more about it.  I want to rant about grad schools, but I digress.  Pinpointing my interest in interface design is nothing particularly breakthrough since I have wanted to do this since I switched over to my current major, but there’s some kind of renewed enthusiasm and confidence that this is something I could see myself genuinely doing.  But the question remains, how does one get to that point?

Also, I have two canker sores in my mouth.  One is under my tongue, the other is on my gums right behind my bottom front two teeth.  I cannot wait until these damn things heal.  As you can imagine, I cannot eat without my molars irritating my canker sore under my tongue.


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