I Don’t Want to Give It to You, Your Way

January 22, 2010

Yesterday was Thursday.  I don’t have class on Thursdays, or Fridays for that matter, so I typically do a full day of work.  I’m usually not very productive, but generally speaking, I get some stuff done.  Or at least figure out some stuff mentally, and make a game plan of sorts for the next time I work.  But Thursday and today, Friday, has been extremely horrible and disgustingly unproductive.  I woke up yesterday and it was storming outside, so I made a split second decision to “work at home” since I remembered my boss usually works at home when it’s raining.  Unsurprisingly, it was a bad decision.  0% work done.  The extent of my work day was opening up my code and adding a line of comment that states what to put in there.  “I’ll work my ass off tomorrow,” I tell myself.  As you can tell by this post, not much work is being done.  I am, in fact, more productive than yesterday though.  But not by much considering anything more than 0% is more productive.

Then there’s the problem of classmates.  Why is it so hard for people to respond to your messages, email or facebook, in a prompt manner.  They have time to do other shit online, but not respond to your messages about a class that they’re in too, whose grade is on the line too.  Fuck working in groups.  It’s such a fucking hassle.

Additionally, I feel extra lazy because my entire body is sore, especially my quads.  It hurts when I drive.  My friend and I started a new workout called Tabata, which basically consists of doing an exercise for 20 seconds at full power, rest for 10, doing this repetition eight times.  While it’s only four minutes of workout, I can happily say that I’ve never been this sore in my life.  Then yesterday, while headed down the parking lot stairs, I slip on the yellow paint that (I think) is supposed to help you see the depth between each step.  And down I go.  My right hand attempts to find the railing, but misses and is spared from being the first hand to feel the impact of the steps.  My left hand attempts to cushion my fall, but lands awkwardly on my pinky.  Now today, my pinky is stiff and sore, obviously sprained.  I can’t straighten my fingers out so that they’re all parallel to each other like I can my right hand.  My pinky finger hangs outwards.  It hurts but it’s kind of funny.


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