Yes He Was Alright

January 28, 2010

Today I drove like a bitch.  One incident where I was honked at was because I did it on purpose.  While it’s completely my fault, I suppose there’s no harm in trying to warrant my bitch-like cutting off maneuver that I did.  The car on the left of me who I cut off left a huge gap in front of them, but barely short of allowing someone to change into their lane.  This happened for a couple of yards, and either I was gonna cut them off for pissing me off, or I was gonna miss the left turn onto the on-ramp.  I chose the former, and honk.  The second incidence was due to lack of focus.    I was about to switch over to the left lane, and there was a car in my blind spot, and then honk.  For some reason I didn’t notice their headlights that were probably glaring in my rear view mirror.  Luckily I did turn my head to check while I was about to make the lane change.  The other car seemed nice about it I think, since it seemed like they let me change.  But I didn’t.  Not sure why.  I was really pissed off at myself for being such a shitty driver, so I probably didn’t deserve that courtesy or something.  I stayed in my lane, drove about a quarter mile down to the next street light, then made a U-turn.

I parked my car and had the sudden urge to get the skateboard out of my trunk and go around the neighborhood for a bit to think.  But truthfully, I didn’t really have anything to think about.  I was just extremely annoyed at all my vehicular fuck-ups that happened all within a ten-minute period.  I was driving exactly like the assholes I cuss out all the time.  This is clearly unacceptable.  In any case, I strolled/skateboarded through the neighborhood and took in some fresh air.  On my way back, while I was approaching my house, I started going on a slight downhill gradient on an unlit street.  I skated on some gravel and was absolutely about to eat shit, but I didn’t.  It was miraculous.  I felt the gravel, the board started to spin out, I was falling back, then I forget what exactly happened here, but the board darted away under me and I think I fell off backwards but managed to land on my feet.  I ended up in the middle of the street looking as if I was doing squats with my legs far apart and my quads tightened up.  I think that the workout I’ve been doing lately saved me from some potentially bad scrapes.  It was a pretty awesome experience.

I did get back on a skated the few yards back, but made a right into the cul de sac and pretended I was surfing.  I wish that I had that kind of balance while I’m out on the water.  It’s kind of impossible to try and do cutbacks on land without eating shit, so I’m pretty much out of luck on ever doing those sweet surf moves cuz I certainly don’t see myself ever dedicating enough time to get good enough to do it on the water.  If there’s any sport that looks extremely fun when professionals do it, it’s definitely surfing.  I wish I didn’t suck so bad at surfing, and I wish getting out on the water wasn’t such a hassle.


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