I’ll Try Hard Not to Give In

February 27, 2010

I went to my friend’s party/movie shoot tonight, and two of our other mutual friends were there.  We seem to have this relationship where we trash talk each other all the time (which I’m pretty sick of because it’s really immature).  There were two dice on the table, so I suggested we guess the number that we would roll.  And one of them says, “What do we win?  If we win he (implying me, the author of this post) should pay for Cotixan (Mexican food they wanted).”  They do this crap all the time, trying to make me pay for things because I make more money than they do.  So naturally I was annoyed and said no.  But they kept on going, little by little.  “I win!  I guessed it right three times.  You’re gonna pay for my meal,” one of them says.  “YEAH!” exclaims the other.  “No.  Fuck you, and fuck you.”  We stop the game, mingle a bit, then leave.  As we walk to our cars, they beg some more and I snap and say one last time, “Dude just shut the fuck up.  Here.  Here’s $5 dollars for your fries.”  One of them says, “Geeze you need to calm down.”  “What, you don’t want the $5?”  “Nope.”  I say “fine” and get into my car and leave.

The moral of the story is simple:  just because someone makes more money than you, or has more money, doesn’t mean you can assume they’re going to pay for your shit.  One of my friends understands that, and was incredibly protective of telling me how much she makes solely because she didn’t want people to think she has money to go out all the time because a) she has bills to pay and b) she doesn’t want to live in an crummy apartment her whole life and needs to save money by not blowing it on stupid materialistic things she doesn’t need.  Luckily I convinced her that I’m not an inconsiderate moron like some of her friends (including our mutual friends that begged me for money tonight) may be.  But I digress; back to the main point.  That bullshit may work for some of your other friends, but it’s not going to work on me.  If you ask nicely, I’ll be glad to spot you money or let you borrow my things (assuming you’re my friend).  But because we’re friends doesn’t mean you’re gonna assume I’m going to feed you money, or give you something of mine that I worked hard to get because you’re not well off as I am.  I don’t care if you’re going to pay me back either.  If you don’t ask nicely, I’m-not-giving-you-shit.  Call it selfish if you want, but I don’t get favors from my friends by giving them a hard time.  All it takes is a polite tone, and sometimes, I’ll probably even offer to help.  This isn’t some crap rule I just made up because I’m an asshole.  This translates into real world situations too.  If you’re somewhere where another human being is providing a service for you, it’s probably wise not to give them and attitude, or bitch and nag until you get your way because guess what?  You’re going to piss them off too, and then when they’re pissed, they’re going to fuck with you.  If you didn’t know that already, then you’ve probably had your food spit in at least once.  Take notes, you rude, nagging, needy pricks.


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