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March 15, 2010

Because I’d much rather be typing something I have stronger feelings about than embodiment of actors in film, I’m going to procrastinate and type this blog post.  Hopefully I won’t run past 11:30p, for I still haven’t finished my introduction paragraph for my 6 page paper yet.  But onto the rant.

Drivers.  Cars.  Let me just go off in all directions here.  When you’re on the on-ramp to the freeway, just a few yards from merging onto the actual freeway lane, speed the fuck up.  For fucks sake, check your damn mirrors while you’re on the ramp, turn your head while you’re on the damn ramp, and speed the fuck up accordingly.  Going ass slow expecting whatever traffic that’s coming to pass you or let you inch in isn’t the way to do things.  For one, the people who are in the far left lane on the actual freeway going 65mph+ will see this dumbshit going 30mph down the on-ramp onto fast moving traffic and will not be sure if this dumbshit is gonna speed up in front of them or continue their slow pace until the 65mph+ driver passes them.  By the time these two cars are side by some hesitation occurs, and both cars fucking brake.  Traffic.  Similarly, people don’t seem to now how to merge.  You don’t just fucking come to a full stop on the freeway, hit your blinkers and wait for the car in the other lane to change lanes so you can go in.  No.  You slow down, wait for an opening, then merge.  Is this concept that hard to understand?  Then you have your drivers who speed up, then slow down to the same exact speed as the car to the lane next to them, and the drivers who have absolutely no need to change lanes into your lane but do it anyways and then drive slow, or the people who tap their brakes for absolutely no reason in the middle of 70mph+ traffic.  Fuck you.  That’s all I’ll say about that.  These are a few of the many reasons why people are violent.  Because you drive like an inconsiderate moron.  I seriously try to take it easy when I drive, cruise along at ~75mph, but there’s always some bitch (every single day) driver who does one of the things I’ve mentioned, then I’m annoyed.  Check your mirrors, you shitty drivers.  There are other cars on the road.  Are you gonna block traffic?  Then don’t try to make that left turn if the light is yellow and there are already cars blocking the intersection.

11:33p.  Not bad.


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