The High Road

March 23, 2010

I think it’s annoying when people seem to be disappointed when I tell them what my major is, or what I want to eventually do.  It’s really annoying trying to explain what my major is, but it is kind of confusing, so I suppose I can see why people are confused.  But then when I tell them I want to do design, this is where it gets irksome.

Why is it that when people say their major is economics, no one bothers to ask them what they want to do after they graduate.  Personally, I see a huge amount of different jobs an econ major can do.  Or an engineering major.  Or practically any other major at that.  But when I say design, everyone seems dumbfounded as to what kind of job there is that would possibly make money.  Everyone has just accepted and assumed that putting yourself through four to five tedious and hellish years of school doing nothing but math and science practically guarantees you a pretty salary after you graduate, and no one gives these other majors the third degree on what they want to do with their major.  Business?  What about business?  Engineer?  What about engineering?  It’s really annoying when I say design, and then people can’t just leave me well enough alone and accept it, but then make me describe to them what it is exactly I want to do.

To be fair, I try to differentiate certain curiosities from one another.  It’s one thing when they’re genuinely curious.  But there are some people who you can just tell think less of you because art/design doesn’t seem at all practical.  That’s the killer.  It appears that when these people are grilling me on what I want to do, they’re parsing for bits of where I can apply some practical skills.  Going back to the idea of having practical skills after torturing oneself for four years–it seems that without that, there is no money to be found.  I found this survey on Coroflot; it’s the average designer salaries for 2009.  There’s a lot of potential.  And I intend to get in on that eventually.  So all the naysayers who doesn’t seem to respect designers, and art majors (for whom they assume are all going down a road of starvation and cardboard slats), this is somewhat redeeming.  Some people might be thinking that those figures are still chump change.  But at least what I’ll be doing is rewarding and I’ll be genuinely excited to go to work everyday.


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