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June 19, 2010

I made my typical drive from San Diego to Los Angeles tonight, and for some reason it was the worst encounter I’ve had with shitty ass drivers.  I got cut off at least four different times, two of which happened in less than ten minutes apart.  Really now:  how hard is it to fucking understand that you should wait until the car that’s in the lane you want to go into (the car being less than 100 yards away from you and going a lot faster than you) passes you.  Jesus titty fucking Christ people.  JUST FUCKING WAIT.  One of the incidents tonight involved a Ford Escape jumping over into my lane.  At first I didn’t mind because they were going my speed, so no harm done.  But then they start fucking slowing down.  And being one who doesn’t like to break when there’s a shit ton of space left for me to just take my foot off the gas, I coasted a little, expecting them to speed up.  Didn’t happen.  They slowed down to less than 65.  What the fuck.  Then all of the sudden I’m tailgating this asshole, hitting the brakes because the fucking skank in front of me doesn’t understand the concept of constant speed, and so I look like the bitch who can’t drive.  So I waited for the car in the next lane over to pass me (because they were going faster than me–take notes you shitty ass drivers) and then gunned it past them.  Unfortunately, it was night time and they couldn’t see me giving them a dirty look.  I did see them flip me off though, which pissed me off because they’re the morons who slowed down for no fucking reason at all and are now pissed at me because I was tailgating them; there was no car in front of them for at a good distance.  It’s shit like this that causes accidents.  If the stupid shitty motherfucking drivers stayed out of everyone else’s way, there would not be any problems.

“What else do stupid shitty motherfucking drivers do?” you may be wondering.  Well let’s see:  braking for no apparent reason other than because the shitty driver can’t control the gas pedal, going fast and then deciding to slow down but staying in the same lane, going slow in the fast lane, going slow in the fast lane and boxing-in all the other cars who drive normally, changing lanes for no reason, not signaling, the list goes on.  So the next time you’re thinking about changing lanes, please look at your fucking mirrors, wait for that car that’s two seconds away to pass you, and THEN go.  And if you don’t, then you should know that you’re a bitch.


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