How Can You Be Sure

July 19, 2010

I went to the Financial Aid Office on campus today to ask about some things about my loans.  When I got to the elevator to go up to the third floor, a girl was going to get in too, so I held it open for her and asked her what floor she was heading to so I could press the button.  “Three’s good.  That’s where the Financial Aid Office is, right?”  “Yeah, I think so.  That’s where I’m headed too.”  I made some small talk with her, and I felt like she was flirting with me but obviously had no real evidence.  But while this girl was fairly attractive, my overly picky and shallow self couldn’t look past all her makeup she had on and her giant eyelashes that looked like a giant clump of hair on her eyes.  She looked like she would be a lot more attractive if she had no makeup on at all since she revealed that she’s half British, and a quarter Portuguese and a quarter Philipino, so how bad can a mix like that be to a point where she needed to add thick coat of paint around her eyes and tack on a head of hair of for her eye lids.  But that’s just my opinion; who am I to tell a girl not to put makeup on.
We were talking, and she seemed overly interested and friendly for talking to a stranger–about school/career topics no less.  Then this other guy sat down on the couch across from us and joined in on the conversation, and she got more quiet and didn’t talk quite as much.  Probably just a coincidence I thought.  But while I was walking back to work, I remembered she said she comes to the Financial Aid Office fairly often to keep up with her loans and stuff.  I then realized that if she goes to the Financial Aid Office often, then there probably shouldn’t be any reason for asking me if the office is on the third floor when I pressed the button for her in the elevator earlier.
Unlikely this actually means anything, but it’s kind of a cool experience (if she was) considering I’ve never had a girl with a lot of makeup on flirt with me before.  Cool story bro.


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