Every Moment’s a Little Bit Later

September 7, 2010

Ever since I’ve actually made it a point to arrive at work at 9am, I’ve been seeing the same girl park in the same dirt lot and walk the same way as me towards campus.  I didn’t pay much attention to her for a while at first.  It wasn’t about a month or so until I felt compelled to go say hi and introduce myself because I started thinking about how she’s probably had the thought of us arriving at parking lot every day at the exact same time, in the exact same parking spot, as being kind of– humorous?  But by that time, I felt like it’d be pretty weird if I just walked up to her and made small talk.
We’ve walked passed each other all the time, not bothering to make eye contact or acknowledge the other person other than giving each other space on the sidewalk.  Then some days I tell myself I’m just going to do it.  But when I finally catch up to her, slightly out of breath because she walks really fast (and I thought I walked fast), I just bail and keep walking past her.  When I play out the scenario in my mind, it’s not bad at all.  But for some damn reason, when I’m in the middle of all this I’m describing, it feels absolutely awkward if I open my mouth and say something.  It wouldn’t be like I was going to put the moves on her (assuming I really had any) or something.  I was just going to make conversation until we’d part ways when I got to work.  Sure it’s easy when you’re forced to say something to them, or even if you’re both stationary within the same vicinity as each other– in which case I think it’s finally safe to say it’s a no brainer for me.  But there’s just something about initiating a conversation with a stranger that makes it so crappy.  Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow if we arrive at the same time again.


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