There is a Wait So Long

September 30, 2010

A company that I applied for a month or so ago seems to have finally began reviewing resumes.  For privacy and amusement, and to leave you wondering (doubtful you are/will), I’ll call the company “Wisconsin.”  So either Wisconsin finally began reviewing resumes, or I was at the bottom of the barrel.  Regardless, my point I was getting to is that they decided they want to do a phone interview with me, despite having seen my “under construction” website (my really, really shitty “under construction” website).  They saw it three days ago.  And then today, three other different people at Wisconsin looked at it again.  Now I’m worried they’ll change their minds.  I’m debating whether or not it’s a big deal to me though.  On one hand, it’s in Wisconsin.  On the other hand, it’s in Wisconsin.  This time I mean the actual company is actually in the state Wisconsin.  And another thing to add to that first hand I talked about:  paid relocation (plus, for sure).
It kills me to see companies I applied to look at my website with absolutely no content.  I am actually doing work on it at the moment, and the blog page/eventual index page is practically finished and in basic beta while I finish mocking up the other pages.  One of those pages, projects, requires work that I obvi (the word popped into my mind for no reason and I found it funny and had to use it somehow) don’t have.  I am also supposed to do the speech and debate team’s website that my friend is the captain of.  I figure after I finish that (who knows how long that would take), that and my iPhone webapp I made should be substantial works for an entry level job.  Hopefully my resume will pick up the slack and change those negative thoughts by kind of explaining that my lack of a portfolio is because I was kind of forced to learn a metric shit-ton of different things on my own and was never quite able to focus on any one thing.  If only it were that easy to literally tell them that in person.
I suppose if I either don’t get the job at Wisconsin or I turn it down (because what the fuck is there to do in Wisconsin besides work), I also have a potential employer/source of legitimate work to put on my resume while I look for a salaried job.  But even that is a bit iffy since I’ve no idea if the latter company can even use me since our respective industries don’t quite align, and they don’t really have a need for a web designer at the moment.  And if neither goes through, it’s comforting to know that I’m not completely unemployable, even now while I totally lack a portfolio.


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