And the Future Hangs Over Our Heads

October 11, 2010

I went to my distant cousin’s wedding this weekend.  My sister and I haven’t seen him and the rest of his siblings (our other distant cousins) in 13 years, so much has changed.  I got to know them much better than I did before (I was, what 9 at the time?), and have nothing but respect and love for them and their parents (my aunt and uncle).  My aunt and uncle had five kids, and every one of them are now 30 years old or older, doing very well for themselves.  I think they lived in Oakland most of their lives, so their beginnings were definitely modest, but my aunt and uncle managed to get them all through college, and I think at least 3 of them are still doing more schooling to get their second MS or PhD.  Additionally, they’ve all found good people to either marry or date, who themselves are successful, have an awesome personality, and attractive, no less.  I can’t think of people who could be anymore worthy of this, and yet their family is so incredibly modest and grounded, friendly, and welcoming.  I’m glad I’m related to them.  Hearing a little bit about their lives was inspiring.  I want the kind of successes they have, and I feel kind of incomplete without them right now, and slightly inadequate thinking about how much there is to live up to.  More motivation I guess.  If the next time I end up talking to them again is in 13 years, I want to be able to tell them about my exciting life and be modest about it like they are haha.


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