His Goal in Life Was to Be an Echo

November 7, 2010

My ambitions and goals that seemed so clear and obvious just a couple of months ago are now in question by myself.  I recently got employed doing something not really relevant to my career interests, or anything I’ve ever done before actually–it’s kind of frightening.  You don’t have to tell me:  I’m overreacting.  I’ve only been working for a week, but already I feel like my life is going in horrible direction.  Perhaps my fears are stemming from the fact that I no longer feel the same amount of motivation to even apply myself to build my portfolio for grad school, or that I’m no longer 100% certain that interaction design is what I want to do.  Suddenly getting thrusted into a job that is irrelevant to my interests and while not even beneficial to my career path makes me feel like I’m losing sight of things.  I’m hoping that in a few months my motivation will be rejuvenated, or I’ll find another job that is at least more relevant to what I want to do.  But don’t take this the wrong way.  I’m very thankful I have this job and the money I get from it because I sure as hell can use it.


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