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December 19, 2010

A list of thoughts that I didn’t want feel like advertising directly to my friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter:

– I slightly hydroplaned a couple of times on the drive back to Irvine tonight.  No big deal.
– The canyon you drive through on the 57 is one dangerous drive in heavy rain at night.
– They really need to repaint the carpool divider line with some 3M reflective paint cuz I can’t see the damn thing and it’s very frightening watching other cars go over the line too cuz they can’t see it.
– Drivers who drive like assholes drive like even bigger assholes in the rain.
– All my drives back to Irvine seems to have been very eventful.
– Patton Oswalt on Ke$ha:  “She’s the Arby’s to Lady Gaga’s In-N-Out burger.  She really is.”
– I’m bleeding.


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