I Can’t Win

December 22, 2010

My sister likes to treat me like I’m ungrateful, and I’m very annoyed.  She always talks to her friends about me like I’m such a burden.  I realize that I’ve been living at her apartment and haven’t had to pay much to do so, and eating their food, etcetera.  But in no way am I EVER ungrateful.  I’ve paid and offered to pay on multiple occasions, and I never act like I’m automatically entitled to these things.  But still, she treats me like I’m dirt and likes to incessantly hint/suggest/imply/say I owe her money, and it’s fucking infuriating just thinking about it.  I just spent $115 on a new digital camera and a little holder thing for her Nike Sportband device so she can tie it to her shoe, but does she act grateful for it?  She said thank you when she got the holder, but that was it.  She never said thank you for the camera.  Don’t say thanks.  I don’t care–really.  But the fact that she talks to me so condescendingly is what I do care about.


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