Giant Steps

December 30, 2010

I’m currently re-reading all my posts starting from December 31 of 2009 up until the latest post of this year, and I’m barely at January’s posts, but all the things I’ve read so far are frighteningly so fresh in my mind despite having so many events occur in between each post.  I find it so incredible that all these past events that literally happened nearly an entire year ago seem like they just occurred yesterday.  I’m elated that I took the time to type out my own thoughts despite the fact that I know no one cares.  But maybe one day I’ll print out all my posts and make it into a memoir.  I’m thinking ahead though, and I can see myself re-reading this exact post while I’m literally compiling the pages together for my book, and it’s kind of cool.  This seems to be the closest I’ll ever get to time-travel.

But onto the topic that’s at hand:  2010 is ending.  I liked how I recapped last year (2009) in pros and cons, and made a little forecast, so I’ll do something similar for 2010.  I’ll start with going over my forecast I had for myself, and see how it all panned out, then move on to goods, bads, and then top it off with another forecast.

Forecast Review (review parts are in italics):
• Graduation.  I totally fuckin’ did it.  It was liberating.  It was sad.  Another chapter of my youth ended, but I’m not missing it as much as I thought I would.
• Possibly finding my own place to live.  I didn’t necessarily stay in San Diego after I graduated (for too long anyways), but I did get to spend the summer there.  I only ended up at home for about a month after that, and luckily got a job and was able to get to away from home.  Soon, I’ll officially be moving into my own room that I’ll be renting long-term, which is also away from home.  So while it’s not exactly my own place per se, it’s not at home, so I’ll take that as a success.
• Working.  Luck, and not much else.  Well, I did try too.  But hot damn did luck help.

• This was one hell of a productive year.  I accomplished so much, and I’m pretty proud of myself for doing it all.  Graduating, employment, work–I literally tackled everything I wanted to.  Maybe not grad school, but that’s still in the works.
• I definitely did a lot of maturing this year. I feel move like an adult than before. It might be because I’m obvious not in school anymore and that I’m working now.
• Similarly, I think I gained a lot more confidence in myself in general.  I feel like I really started to think more of myself and expect more of myself.  Overall just feeling more comfortable with being myself.
• Overall relatively smooth transition out of college.
• Managed to pay off most of my student loans and finally got around to saving for retirement.
• Threw away so much stuff at home that I feel so much lighter; embracing a more minimalistic and less wasteful life without going overboard.
• Started running more!  And committed myself to do a marathon next year.

• Lots of driving stories.  This didn’t seem to be a good year for driving.  Everyone was driving like a prick and it was really getting me.
• No grad school.  I wanted to apply before I left school, but I was inexperienced and under-qualified, and missing a portfolio.
• Paying off my student loans and investing in the future meant a huge dent in my wallet.  I’m leaning on the verge of being pretty poor.  Were I unemployed I’d be pretty screwed.  I guess this is a valuable lesson in being more fiscally responsible though.
• Continued overall bad performance with women.  I can’t help but hang my head in shame and shake it in disapproval.

• LA Marathon.  That’s going to be a doozy, especially since I haven’t been running much the past few weeks.  I feel so sluggish.  Damn this cold weather.
• Running 982 miles before the year ends.  If you type “running california” and my first and last name into a Google search, my webpage I made for this New Year Resolution should be the first link.
• Playing at my friends’ wedding.  That’s going to be a doozy, especially since I’m kind of terrible at guitar, especially in front of an audience.  But they’re not there for me and my friend–must remember that.
• Possibly applying to grad school.  I’m really shooting for the moon here, but I think if I pull my shit together, I can throw together a decent portfolio, list some relevant work experience, and send myself to a good school for another two years.
• Work, work, work.  Regardless of school, I need to work.  Job-wise and portfolio-wise.  I don’t want to allow myself to get too comfortable.
• Save, save, save.  Irregardless of school, I need money.  I don’t think I’ll be getting drums this year.  But if I ever want my own set, I’ll need my own place, and I’ll need some greens for such a goal.

That’s about it in a nutshell.  I can’t help but feel very sentimental about 2010.  So much happened in so little time.  I can only hope that 2011 will be this eventful, and this pleasant to reflect upon when 2012 comes beckoning.  Happy New Year everyone.  Best wishes to you when the clock strikes 12.


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