Beginning to See the Light

March 10, 2011

If my lack of blog posts is any indication, I think it’s safe to say I’m the most content that I have been in a while.  What happened?  I attribute my new-found upbeat outlook on life to a slow epiphany that not until recently, seemed to fully develop.

I often reminisce of the memories of college, and how there were so many negative experiences because of my poor personality.  It wasn’t so much that I had/have a terrible personality.  Excuse me for tooting my own horn here, but I think I’m pretty amiable.  The problem was that I was so goddamn bitter and seemed to beat myself up over negligible things.  No matter how friendly you are, an attitude like that turns it into shit, let me tell you.  I won’t go into specific events, but by learning from them all and seeing my friends deal with hardships thrown at them in a non-self-destructive way–well, it was enlightening to say the least.  The common factor I found that lead to positive outcomes, or manageable outcomes when it comes to really shitty circumstances, was being a good person.  I’m aware that that statement doesn’t sound very logical, and is probably, quite frankly, stupid.  But it’s true.
Whatever “being a good person” encompasses, base your decisions of how you act off of that.  I also realize that this is stupidly obvious to most, but it’s the constant practice, and getting yourself to constantly have that thought in the back of your mind so that you naturally “do the right thing” that’s the tricky part.
That whole process of bettering myself eventually made its way to the top of my long term goals.  In a way, you could also consider it the umbrella goal, in which practically all my other goals nicely falls under it.  Additionally, my cousin had a book he read for work that I read one night called The Fred Factor, in which the author explained how his mailman really put effort into his job and went above and beyond his normal duties and how that made everyone who were lucky enough to have him as their mailman, really appreciate him.  The most important aspect of the book is how the author mentions that Fred did all that extra work not for recognition, but because it made him feel good.  I like that, and I agree.  As of late, this umbrella goal has worked itself into my day to day routine relatively well.  The most difficult part is while I’m driving.  If you’re being a bitch on the road, no amount of Zen or “being a good person” hoo-ha will make me not want to slice your head off and jam it into your tailpipe.

Since I’m in a good mood, I’ll tell you the artist of the song title that doubled as my blog title.  It’s from the Velvet Underground’s album The Velvet Underground released in 1969.  It’s a pretty good album that’s relatively musically accessible, so you should give it a whirl.


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