You Are Driving Me Home

June 3, 2011

Two years ago, I remember writing a post about how nice my birthday was.  Last year, I skipped the post on my birthday.  It sure must not have been eventful because I have no recollection of what I did.  This year, I can safely say that it was almost as pleasant as it was two years ago–in a different way.  I haven’t really experienced a decent amount of people genuinely caring and wishing me a happy birthday in a while, so it was (sadly) a weird yet pleasant experience.  My coworkers (particularly my team) bought me cupcakes and gave me a plastic washable cup thingy that matches the ones they have.  It was very nice of them.  Then there was a company-wide meeting, and at the end, Lindsey Vonn (downhill skier Olympic gold medalist and badass) came up the stage and did a QA session, which was cool.  Afterwards at the autograph session,  I got to meet her.  She seemed like a really grounded person.  She also signed a poster and wrote “Happy Birthday!” on it.  Of course I had to tell her it was my birthday, but she wrote it.  Then I went out to dinner with my cousins and friend and ate a large amount of food.  It was good times all around.  I even managed to write a good amount of my paper.  All I’m missing is a conclusion and the abstract, and I’m done!
I really don’t know exactly what it is, but perhaps thinking positive thoughts and just attempting to act chipper really does make you more chipper.


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