Strange Days

July 4, 2011

Here’s another post for the sake of cataloging what I did this past weekend.

I was fortunate enough to start my long weekend on Friday.  My friend and I drove down to San Diego for my college buddy’s wedding.  I wasn’t invited just to attend though.  They wanted us to play music during the ceremony.  Considering how little of each song that we actually ended up playing, all our practicing was pretty much a waste of time.  The wedding itself was nice though, I guess.  After the ceremony, we drove to the reception place.  My friend and I went straight to the bar to ease the blow that was our performance at the wedding, and of course to kill some time before dinner actually started.  But after we consumed some alcoholic beverages, things seemed to get a little livelier.  We talked to some people, danced a bit, and then decided to leave to go to some bars in Downtown San Diego.  We were still in suits, and went into Shouthouse.  That’s the one where there are two pianos on stage, and people can request the piano players to play whatever song.  Usually people provide a reason they’re requesting the song.  And so we sat behind one of the piano players for a while until we finally decided to leave, but went to the restroom first.  I got out first, and was standing there waiting for my friend to finish.  And then I heard one of the piano players talk about two guys in suits, and telling the guys in suits to come up.  I didn’t know what to do.  I wasn’t ready to be humiliated in front of a packed bar, so I just laid low.  Eventually he just moved on, and whatever was going to happen to us stopped.  Then we left.  I still wonder who spotted us and thought enough to request a song about us, good or bad.  Oh well, I guess I’ll never find out.  By the way, parking at Horton Plaza after 9pm will cost you $20.  The machines inside the mall don’t validate after that.  Bastards.

Then on Saturday, I woke up around 10am, ate my delicious California Burrito with guacamole and no cheese from Cotixan that I bought on Friday night.  I sat on the couch and watched some Tour de France coverage until about 12:30, then packed and left for Big Bear.  The drive all the way up until the base of the mountains was boring.  But the drive up the mountain was tons of fun; traffic was at a minimum, and the cars in front of me didn’t drive slow.  There were lots of turns but it wasn’t outrageous, which made for video game-like driving conditions.  Once I arrived at the cabin, the second leg of the weekend pretty much started and didn’t really stop until Sunday night.  There was some drinking, some eating, some pool, some shuffle boarding, some frisbeeing, and a bunch of other random shit that we did that killed time.  The night sky in the mountains is incredible.  The absence of light pollution makes for some gorgeous star gazing.  In one night, I saw a shooting star, and another star wink at me.  It wasn’t twinkly.  It was as if someone had a dimmer and was slowly brightening it, slowly dimming, and then slowly brightening it again.  The worst part of the weekend there was the cabin we stayed at.  It was dank, hot as a motherfucker, kind of gross, and had the most kitschy decor I have ever seen in an actual house.  But shelter is shelter.

That’s pretty much my July 4, 2011 weekend.  All the other stuff that happened after that is pretty meh.


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