Maybe I Won’t Be So Afraid

July 25, 2011

A couple of things:

  • Today is officially the first day I’m going to try and commit to planning a week-long-ish backpacking trip through Italy alone.  I think I may tell my parents next week to see what they’ll say.  I’m pretty sure I’d do it against their will if it came to that.  My goal is to spend my furloughed holiday and New Year’s Eve in Italy.  My classmate talked about how he backpacked through Europe four different times, and how each time was so incredible.  Then when he told me he just came back from Egypt and Jordan, and how he visited Petra and showed me pictures of the gorgeous landscapes and monuments he saw, I was pretty much convinced and sold on the fact that I have to go backpack solo at least once in my life.   He himself went alone and thought it was just amazing how he got to do anything he wanted to, and got to meet a bunch of cool people at the hostels he stayed in.  I’m trying to psych myself into thinking:  “it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when,” but it’s still a bit daunting to think about all the planning I’d have to do prior.  The experience of wandering through the streets of Rome, strolling along the country side in Tuscany, exploring the Florence Cathedral, and potentially meeting a bunch of other cool people my age during my trip–it’s making me so antsy.  I actually started to allocate funds towards this trip.  I figured if I start saving $700 a month for four or five months, that should be way more than enough for a trip that’s probably 10 or so days long, and’ll just toss the excess into my Roth.  It shouldn’t hurt my wallet too bad because I figured I’ve been paying for my classes that’s been around that much each month, I’ll be used to seeing $700 disappear from my account every month.
  • Today was a good day.  Listening to Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky album while high with good speakers and the music dialed up really loud, and eating eggs and pancakes while sipping on almond milk, all while I had the house all to myself, was an experience that is just absolutely incredible.  Surprisingly, the music listening part was probably better than the eating part.  Listening to Impossible Germany and the sweet sweet solo within the song was spectacular.  I likened the experience to synesthesia; I could see all the notes that Nels Cline was playing.  They were light, soft gummy-like blocks of pastel magenta quickly floating towards me and bombarding my skin.  That would probably be attributed to the tingling sensation of being high, but it was a new way to experience one the my most adored and cherished albums.

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