Sailing to Nowhere

August 30, 2011

Maybe this is the Vicodin mixed with restlessness talking, but I’m pretty damn sick of work. Before I go into insulting some of my coworkers’ intelligence, let me just say this as though I’m talking to them:  shut your god damn mouth and do your work.  Quit bitchin’, quit gossiping, and do your work.  That, in addition to my own work being so incredibly monotonous and tedious, I have to deal with incompetence of other people. What pains me about this incompetence and continual tardiness is that my work depends on them. And when I request shit from them, and they either don’t respond to my emails, or send emails back and forth because they can’t fucking use some logic to understand what I’m asking (it’s not my shitty language skills, I can guarantee you that), I can’t get my work done. Then when they decide to grace me with a reply to email, it’s either late or right before my deadline, and then I have to drop everything I have to do and make sure I get this new shit they dropped on my lap done. Oh how great this process is.

Speaking of process, let me enlighten you on how things work here: it’s complete fucking chaos. That’s a slight exaggeration; were it complete fucking chaos, nothing would get done. So really it’s just fucking chaos, and not complete fucking chaos. For a huge company such as this–hell, even smaller scale, for such a critical department such as ours–you’d expect some kind of order and fluid process to be in place to handle everything. Not the case. What we have in place are a bunch of redundant steps and processes that do nothing but waste time and complicate things. Imagine getting directions to go three blocks down the street, but Google Maps tells you to make a right, go five miles, make a left, get on the freeway, drive 30 miles, go to the store, buy crackers, exit, make a U-turn, get back on the freeway, exit, make a left, and then make another right. Was that really necessary? That’s what I ask myself every fucking day while I sit in my uncomfortable chair. That, and “why?” “Why do I have to do this when you could’ve just done this and had this be done with.” Mind-blowing stuff like that. It’s actually very surprising that we manage to be as successful as we are. I’m sure 90% of it is because we have the brand name to sell our products. If it was some crap brand, then the blatant stupidity of our workers wouldn’t be hidden behind the success of our products.


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