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September 5, 2011

There’s only a handful of things swimming in my mind right now.

– The sister of my sister and her boyfriend’s friend’s girlfriend (or partner, I should say) (who, I guess is my friend now, too) is-.  I had this other thing typed out about this, but soon realized before I actually finished, that it could all be summed up as such:  there are girls who are one of many embodiments of my mental model of a girlfriend I do not want (characteristic, looks, whathaveyou, feature for feature), and contrarily, girls who embody my mental model of an ideal girlfriend.  This girl is definitely the latter.  While she has a boyfriend, it gives me hope.  It’s reassuring to know that my mental model isn’t completely fiction, and that girls like her are just rare, and that maybe I won’t have to “settle” for someone who my first impression is just somewhere in the “better than most, I guess” region.  Then again, this has only been the second time I hung out with her.  She could end up being a bitch.

– I wish she was single.

– It’s funny that my mom has vocalized how I should not get a white girlfriend, but an Asian one instead, and has joked many times that she’ll set me up with some girls of her friends in Vietnam.  Aside from personal shallow preferences, the language and cultural barrier would be unbearable.  I can barely get along with Americans who live here and can’t use the right grammar of the language they grew supposedly speaking, much less a complete foreigner.  Obviously not, I just wish to express this grievance that my mom likes to completely overlook.

– My left side of my face is bugging the crap out of me because of the damn dry socket.

– If you want to lose weight, go on a mushy-food-only diet for 2 weeks.


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