Whatever Will Be Will Be

September 14, 2011

I had an epiphany at a Meetup event I attended last Thursday while I was talking to one of my old classmates from a certificate program I took at a local university.  Somewhere between me sharing with him my company’s inadequacies, the poor usability of our websites, and him telling me what I need to do about it, I realized that I could/should propose our department start a dedicated usability/user experience team.  I learned about how to get a company to start testing things in my classes I took, but paid no attention to actually starting a team for it.  It could be that I finally felt like a legitimate UX professional because I actually made it to a Meetup event for professionals in my career field of interest, or perhaps it was by chance neurons were connecting in the right combination that day.  Whatever the case, I suddenly felt I that I’m actually capable of persuading (or at least presenting a titillating case to) some big wigs to let me at least run a usability test or a heuristic evaluation on our shitty website we have now, so that we can redesign a more functional one that isn’t buggy and lame, and more like a website from our competitors.

At the time of inception of this idea, it was pretty overwhelming.  My classmates were telling me how I should go about proposing this to the director and other managers, and it seemed like more work than it’s worth.  But after stewing over it for a few days, I realize it’ll still be a lot of work to research the numbers, crunch them, and make it pretty, but it won’t be as bad as I thought.  One of my only worry is that if I manage to persuade them into starting a usability team, that I won’t be able to follow through.  Though, the chances of that happening, I feel, are pretty slim considering how crappy the website is at the moment.  So much so that I’d probably have to try and fuck it up to make it any worse.  My other concern is how they would integrate newly founded user requirements if it already takes us this long to push out simple bug fixes.  Ideally we’d do a whole website redesign, but I don’t exactly seeing that happening.  There’s always a mobile app that has been design but hasn’t been pushed to production yet.  I might be able to run tests on that.

Regardless, I’m very excited in this idea and in my feeling of some confidence that I have a decent way of getting out of my mundane job into something I’d rather do instead, without having to look for a new job.  What’s more, I’m hoping to have them approve my idea in a relatively short amount of time to let me be able to say I founded the company’s dedicated UX team- which would be huge.  If not, I’m thinking I’ll just jump ship.  Fuck ’em.


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