Rhthm & Soul

November 7, 2011

Aww yeah I can run again! Aside from my uneasy stomach making me feel like I had to crap every other minute, and my blister prone feet, I did my old 3.6 mile loop pretty comfortably like I remembered I once could do.

After a few weeks of trying to get back into running only to tire out after about half a mile, I figure it was time to fix my technique. Lo and behold, taking out the extra arch support insole and religiously avoiding heel strikes made a world of difference–I found my rhythm before tiring out, hah.

So my advice to anyone of you struggling with your running: land on the ball of your feet! Those trendy Vibram Five Finger shoes get rave reviews because it forces people to relearn how to run; they can no longer land on their heels because they would injure themselves if they did. Thus, no heel strikes means more fluid running, which means less injuries and less effort exerted.


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