Find a Way to Restart and Take Control

December 23, 2011

Here we are again:  late December, prepping ourselves for the Holidays and counting down until the New Year.  To harken back to last year’s post I wrote to ring in the new year, I said, “I find it so incredible that all these past events that literally happened nearly an entire year ago seem like they just occurred yesterday.”  I wrote that 358 days ago.  Maybe you can’t tell, but my mind is being blown right now at the realization of that fact.  If you weren’t already familiar, I’m keen on reflecting on what has happened on the past year and predicting what might happen in the next.  In re-reading my blog posts, I’m reminded that this year was mildly eventful despitewhat  my immediate mental impression may say.

This year, in no particular order, I

  1. got my wisdom teeth removed.
  2. went to Vegas with my friends.
  3. started smoking more weed than I think is good for me.
  4. focused a lot on my impending career change.
  5. worked my first full-time job for a whole year.
  6. decided to plan a trip to Italy and will actually go.
  7. played guitar horribly at my friend’s wedding.
  8. quit Facebook.
  9. ran my first marathon in miserable weather.
  10. bought a new acoustic guitar.
  11. did a lot more maturing.

By far, the biggest focus this year was work life and my career.  It seemed like a lot of what I did was to benefit myself professionally.  I think I distanced myself from all my friends even more because of it.  It’s ok though because my friends are all busy with their own lives, and I’d just be wasting my time if all I did was wait for someone to be free to play.  With that said, I think this year’s focus will carry over well into next year.

Next year, I plan to

  1. switch to a job that pays me more to do what I want to do, so I can bitch about work that at least interests me.
  2. hang out with my friends more.
  3. be more outgoing.
  4. plan another extensive trip abroad, perhaps around Christmas time-New Year’s Eve/Day.
  5. save more money, and max out my Roth contribution limit.
  6. go to a Wilco concert in January! and go to more concerts in general.
  7. be more healthy, physically and mentally.
  8. get more comfortable on the surfboard.
  9. maaaaaaybe get a road bike.
  10. start being more in-the-know on music again.
  11. make 2012 more memorable than 2011.
  12. try harder.

I’m not feeling all that inspired this year.  Perhaps it’s because I’m writing my New Year reflection post about 9 days in advance that I’m not feeling the optimism that seems to permeate the air around December 30-31.  I won’t be on a computer when the clock strikes 12 on January 1.  I won’t even be in the same time-zone I’ve experienced New Year’s Eve on for the past 23 years of my life.  Maybe that’s how it should be though:  a symbolic gesture that the start of a new year in a completely different setting out of my comfort zone is a metaphor for a start of different life with me more in control.  You know, some bullshit like that.  Here is to hoping that the me in exactly one year will re-read all of 2012’s posts and look back on it with a longer list of memorable events.  Happy Holidays.


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