Oh! Sweet Nuthin’

January 9, 2012

I made it home in one piece — a lot less poorer than I anticipated, a lot more “enlightened” than I anticipated, and generally a lot more amped to do another trip soon – exactly as I anticipated.  The main question I was faced with upon return was, “How was it?!”  What else can I say besides, “fun” or “amazing” or “awesome”?  It’s definitely one of those things that you have to be there to know for yourself, because after all, I think each person’s trip is completely customized to themselves since it really is what they make of it.  Sure you can ramble on about shit you did, and the shit you saw, or try to explain why so-and-so was so fun (even though it doesn’t sound all that exciting when you explain it), and the person you’re telling all this to might actually understand and feel your enthusiasm.  But unfortunately, it doesn’t really do your trip any justice.  With that said, I won’t go into detail about what I did.  I luckily wrote a nice little journal for that stuff while I was there.  Instead I’ll just make a list of interesting points regarding it.

  • Meeting people was the highlight of the trip.  Doesn’t really matter what we ended up doing.  All I knew was that I wasn’t alone for as long as they were there, and that we were about as chummy as strangers could be.
  • I wish people here at home are as approachable as they are in hostels.
  • New Year’s countdown in a different country with your in-the-moment friends is so much fun.  I want to do this for at least a couple more years.
  • It’s cool to be able to leave your new friends in one city, and then see them again a few days later in the same hostel as you.
  • Americans got it easy in terms of language.
  • Americans suck major wang when it comes to travel.  Australians, on the other hand, are just about taking over the world with their travelers.
  • Not planning out your time in a city is so awesome.  At the same time, it’s a bad idea since you manage to waste days and not actually see any of the popular things out of sheer laziness and wanting to exercise aforementioned freedom while tourists are scrambling around or bound to long-ass lines.
  • Alcohol is the universal social lubricant.  Just be sure they drink as much as you do…
  • Europeans are 20x more attractive than Americans.  Let’s be honest here, the ratio of ugly:attractive in the US is probably 6:1.  There, it’s about 1:10.  They practically have supermodels riding around on mopeds.
  • Public transportation is so good over there.
  • The other popular question:  How was the food over there?  Not over-seasoned like it is here, but oh so damn good.

Coming back though, even though I was only gone for two weeks, I feel like so much has changed.  But I noticed that nothing has changed.  Everything is the same, like home is a constant.  It seems that the more adventures, experiences, life, etcetera, that you cram into a small amount of time (“small amount of time” is pretty relative; could be years, could be days), the more you yourself feel like you’ve changed, and you imagine that the world around you changes at the same pace too.  But everything you return home to doesn’t seem to have moved much.  It really is one of the oddest mental sensations you can possibly feel.  The same thing happened when I moved back home after college.  And I’m pretty sure it’ll be like that when I visit Italy again.  It’ll be like I was just there a few days ago because I’ll have had such vivid memories of it, and nothing will have changed so significantly that I couldn’t recognize it.  But even if it did, the feeling of being there will be the same.


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