This Wish is True It Falls into Piece New

January 21, 2012

I finally came up with a better adjective to describe my trip to Italy if people still ask me about it.  Henceforth, I shall say:  “It was liberating.”

I have begun my job search, just as I promised to myself I would do after I got back from my vacation.  I’m happy to report that it’s coming along somewhat decently.  Not as much “bites” as I would have hoped, but there have been some definite maybes in there.  I’ve pondered this while I was in Italy–whether or not to find a job in Orange County or in LA, or if I should search for ones in cities I would be interested in living in such as NYC, Boston, or Seattle–and I never really was able to think through to a solution.  When I finally started my full on job search, I found my self involuntarily searching outside my vicinity, so I suppose that answered itself.  If the chance presented itself then I would move.  Seems like the chance might present itself in a county near and dear to my heart- San Diego.

I applied to a job at a small company for the hell of it, mostly to hit a non-existent quota just to say I applied to a few jobs that day so I wouldn’t feel guilty before bed.  I was a little surprised that they responded and actually wanted to meet with me.  I’m a little uncertain as to whether or not I would accept the job if I got offered it though.  Sadly, I’ve grown extremely complacent with where I am in terms of living situation and proximity to friends and family.  This makes me unsure if I would want to move back down to San Diego because I also have a bit of the “been there, done that” mentality.  I was still unsure about it when a recruiting agency that I applied for a different job from, called me in to meet with them.  I went in and met with one of the people there who told me about another job in San Diego for this cool digital agency.  She really worked the company up, and upon further research, it really does looks like an awesome place to work, right in Downtown San Diego, literally right next to/overlooking Petco Park.  The job description, although written for a senior level person, still seems like it fits me wonderfully were it written for a junior level person.  But she assured me they were looking for a few junior people to expand their UX team, so I’m hopeful.  With this company, I’m feeling like this juice is worth the squeeze, and relocating for this job wouldn’t be so bad because I’ll hopefully be making more cheese in the typical entry level range.  I’m just unsure how to approach this situation if I happen to get a job offer from the small company, and then the agency lets me do an interview that’s another week away.  How would I tell the small company to “wait while I see if this cooler company will hire me”?

Of course, this is assuming I charm the pants off both parties, and everything goes perfectly.  But according to my parents, this is a bad year for people with the dragon zodiac sign (i.e. me), so that’s very reassuring.  I just keep fantasizing about how awesome it’ll be when I leave my current company, and all the different ways I wish I could express my contempt to the lot of douche bags, dumb asses, and pricks in my department through my farewell email (I want to upload the clip from Office Space where Jennifer Aniston’s coworker sees her and Peter kiss in the parking lot and flips them off, onto Youtube and put that link in my email).  And I imagine how cool it would be to finally not give a damn about someone finding out I trashed the fucking ping pong table next to our cubes and actually vandalizing it by either super gluing a bucket of ping pong balls onto the table, or super gluing cardboard from corner to corner, all over the table so that the ping pong ball won’t bounce anymore.  None of that glamorous stuff will happen though, of course.  I’ll likely be polite and sound like a pushover, but who cares; I’ll just be happy to get out of that soul sucking job.


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