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January 26, 2012

I had my interview with a company that actually replied to my application on Tuesday.  It went alright, and I want to say that they at least approve of me as a person, but they’re definitely teetering in terms of my qualifications.  Most of me doesn’t want the job anyways;  they’re a really small company, their office culture seems negligible, and I’m not sure how stable the job would be seeing as how they’ve cut their creative team and are now looking to cut their currently hired creative agency, both because they don’t like the work they’ve produced.  I can kind of see why they want to cut the agency though because they showed me a sample of their work and it was kind of lacking.  Regardless, they seem like they’d be hard to impress, and that they’re not scared to give people the boot.  I’m all for digging in and yielding to the reasoning of “you never know until you try,” but I’d rather not receive the boot when it comes to my career.  To be honest with myself though, I don’t think I got the job anyways, so I should probably stop dwelling on it because even though I don’t care for the job, rejection is still a tough pill to swallow.

I’m still anxiously waiting for any news on from the recruiting agency about the digital agency in San Diego.  I should probably email the lady back and ask about that.  Somehow, I feel like my chances are slowly slipping with each day that passes.  I didn’t expect this much pessimism so soon in my job search.

The rest of Tuesday was pretty fantastic though.  I met up with my friend from college and got lunch with him.  Then, while driving through campus after having dropped him off, I drove by my old work.  I then made the split-second decision to actually turn around to go in and visit my old boss/mentor.  There are some people who you’re just extremely grateful you know, and my old boss and another lady that I worked with are two of those people.  Needless to say, I was very happy to see her in her office because she sometimes works in another office on campus.  Again, it was strange how not much seemed to change– the whole office, walking through the building to get to my old area, sitting in the chair in front of my old boss’s desk and talking to her– it seemed so fresh in my mind.  And like always, they offered to help if possible, along with a few motivational words.  For some reason, it sounds so much more sincere coming from them.

At night, I went with a friend to a Wilco concert.  Wasn’t the funnest concert I’ve been to, but musically speaking, it was pretty damn good.  And for once, the sound mixing was excellent.  They didn’t turn the volume up to deafening levels, and I could actually hear not only the vocals extremely well, but also the intricacies of every instrument.  Finally!  A fucking concert where I could actually appreciate the live sound and performance.  Unfortunately, our high ended right before Wilco went on, so that was a huge bummer.  We saw people lighting up in the pit below, and I was very let down that I couldn’t join.  But at least the concert was good, even though there was a chick near us who was fucking annoying as hell.  Jeff Tweedy did some banter with the audience and said “pussy” on stage, so I’m very happy that they tried to sound like they were having a good time.

Fast forward to today when I hung out with some friends from my certificate class I took.  We went to some pretty hip bar in Downtown Santa Ana for dinner.  It was actually pretty nice, albeit on the expensive side.  The waitresses there are pretty attractive though.  I’ll have to take my friends there some day and go bar hopping.  Along with some career advice, we discussed the possibility of opening a coloft which got me kind of excited.  I’ve always wanted to invest in a side business and I know that one of them wants to as well, and this idea might actually be feasible.  We would either rent or buy a space, dress it up into a bunch of little offices, and then rent it out to people who need a place to work and hold meetings and stuff if they don’t have their own.  There’s a few of these in Los Angeles and from what they tell me, there’s one in Fullerton too, and it seems to work at those places.  But there’s none in the main Orange County vicinity.  It would be so awesome to own a shared space and be able to go there at night with a few friends, or hold parties, or just go there alone if I wanted some legitimate private time.  Clearly this is just an idea at this point, but we’ll see how far it can go.  The friends I discussed this with are older, have more money than me, and are extremely hard working, so I’m sure if they are serious about this and we find that there’s actually a decent demand for it, then I’m sure they’ll try to see it through.


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