Wild is the Wind

February 26, 2012

Last night’s events were a bit out of the ordinary, involving getting dragged to a place I didn’t ever really have the urge to visit while being extremely intoxicated.  I’ll just leave it at that and maintain that this post’s function serves to remind me of the exact date it happened, and assume I’m going to remember what happened because it seems kind of hard to forget.

In other tangential news, I have decided to get out more.  “Getting out more” mostly means doing things I have wanted to do, but been putting off because I’m either lazy, too cheap, or make excuses that I have no one to go with.  It’s time I stop letting these things hold me back.  The final little nudge that made me arrive at this decision came to me last Thursday night.

I met up with this girl for a concert who I had never met before, and she turned out to be really cool.  We talked for a bit and it turns out she’s kind of similar to me when it comes to living life:  we both seem to have a hankering for traveling and seeing new things, and junk like that.  The only main difference is that she’s actually doing a lot of the stuff she says she wants to do.  Ignoring the tons of Facebook pictures of cool places she’s been to (even just locally that, sadly as a local SoCal resident I haven’t even done yet), she’s only been living in Southern California for two years and seems to have more friends to do things with than I do.  I definitely respect and admire her, seeing as how she seems to be doing everything I want to do all on her own, and doing it well.  I told her about my little dream of moving to and working in another city like NYC, Seattle, San Francisco, etcetera, and she definitely suggested I do it (so did my boss).  I guess I should try harder at that goal.  She, on the other hand, will be going to grad school at Berkeley and will have some time in between when her job ends and when school starts.  Thus, she’ll be going to Europe for about a month, staying with people she’s met here and elsewhere on her travels.  I totally wish I could invite myself and join her.  Until my next big exciting trip happens (hopefully) at the end of this year, I’m going to have tons of little exciting trips here doing god knows what.


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