Keep a Close Eye on Your Authority

March 22, 2012

And just like that, my old boss’s two weeks notice was up, and away he went.  Both managers of my team are now gone.  My team and I no longer have a buffer between one of the many reasons that my company’s department is turning to shit.  I now report directly to the director.  She’s not very good at her job.  Needless to say but I’ll say it anyways, she micromanages like a motherfucker, doesn’t know what she’s doing, isn’t qualified for her job, and doesn’t make sense to me half the time she talks to me.  Then we have our vice president of our department who is quite possibly worse than our director, and potentially even more less qualified for his position.  He is a former designer turned upper-management, and is now running a very important section of our company’s business.  He continues to micromanage things about design that a vice president shouldn’t be worrying about, and is stubborn like a mule.  In short, he’s a loser.  We then mozy on over back to near where I sit, where we have the manager of the buying and planning team who is even more of an idiot than the aforementioned two.  He doesn’t do shit.  And the shit he’s supposed to do, he doesn’t get it in on time.  He’s a button pusher that waits until the last second to push the fucking button.  His underling is just as stupid.  She too is–you guessed it–a button pusher.

What is button pushing exactly, and how does this effect me?  They pretty much put together lists haphazardly to promote and shit online, and then it’s my job to move this stuff online or to one of our other websites.  The problem comes when they want a ton of this crap done immediately because as I mentioned earlier, they wait until the last second and then go, “WE NEED THIS NOW!”  Great.  Fine.  I bust my ass, get the shit done, and then-problems.  “These weren’t supposed to go there.  Take them down.”  You’re fucking joking right?  Anyhow, I got sidetracked.

My coworker in the cube next to me has a bladder the size of a walnut, and goes to the fucking restroom every 10 minutes.  And everytime he walks by my cube on the way to the can, he looks at my monitors.  You’re probably thinking, “Seriously?  You’re annoyed at that?”  It really is that annoying.  It’s like he’s checking up on me.  Stop being so nosy.  And to make matters worse, it seems like I’m always on my 1-2 minute break checking one of my many sites throughout the day, so it always looks like I’m slacking off when he looks at my shit.  Work has made me this irritable.  Apparently for 3 of the designers too, for they resigned and will be leaving soon.  I want to leave so bad.  But at the same time, it really did suck the life out of me to where I’m starting to numb.  It sucked my enthusiasm for work out, my ideas, my motivation, my friendly attitude at work, my optimism, my benefit of the doubt I gave everyone.  That shit is all gone.

So this is it.  This is what it’s like being a corporate drone.  Those fucking hippies are right:  it’s fucking miserable.  This is not a very good way to live, and my only motivation is literally to get to the weekend.  And yet, I can’t seem to even work up the motivation to apply to more jobs.  I’m half-assing the crap out of that.  I’m trying to be a busy-body and stick my nose into the design shit now and get some experience from that for a month or two, then hopefully will be able to apply somewhere else.  Yeeeaaahhh… that’s it.  That’s my excuse.  But I’m not feeling very hopeful that it’ll happen.  The manager of the design team doesn’t seem to take me very seriously.  I don’t really care anymore anyways.  I’ve come to the realization that I can’t work well with everyone like I originally thought.  I can’t work with people with big egos who don’t have the skills to back it up–which seems like all the “important” people in my department.


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