Going Through the Motions

April 15, 2012

This trip seemed reminiscent of my last trip to this supposedly glamorous city.  I’m not sure what to make of the weekend as a whole, except to say that, in short, I was expecting Saturday night to be the most fun.  Sadly, no nights this weekend were particularly excellent.  Here’s the run-down of what happened, as I remembered it.

Leave work around 1:45p.  Get to West Covina at 3:45p.  Get to Vegas at 9:45.  Watch the Shins at the Cosmo (great show; no rain!) at 10p.  Got to free hotel room (courtesy of my friend’s Aunt Buffy[?]) at 1:45a.

Wake at 10:30a.  Check-out at 11a.  Get breakfast (courtesy of my friend’s aunt again and her comps) at 11:30a.  Get to our hotel room at around 2p.  Get hammered, etc from 2p-6p.  Wake up, walk back to hotel room, sit in room alone and wait for everyone else from 6p-7p.  Stuff happens from 7p-12:30a.  Walk back to hotel room to wait for friend to wake up at 12:45a.  Leave for casino, people watch, lost $20 at blackjack table, lose $2 at various slot machine, stare at cute girl but not sober enough or ballsy enough to approach– all until 1:40a.  Head back to room and sleep at 2a.  Finally fall asleep after listening to friend snore at around 2:45a.

Wake at 9:30a.  Pack and check-out at 11a.  Head to Bellagio buffet at 11:15p.  Wait in line for a few minutes until lady tells us we can go to the front because friend is “handicapped” at 11:30a.  Finished brunch/lunch and play blackjack from 1:15p-3:10p.  Break even for whole weekend, and leave Vegas around 3:30p.  Get back to West Covina around 8:30p.  Back home at 9:30p.

It almost seemed like everything that could have gone wrong the second half of Saturday, did.  And it sucked.  I was annoyed at everyone, including myself.  I’m bummed I left my friend hanging.  When I finally came-to, my friend was now the one leaving me hanging.  And everyone else had their own shit, and I have no idea what to really make of it, other than it sucked as much as how I was physically feeling from Saturday night’s session from 2p-6p.  Lesson learned, though.  Vegas will be experienced much more shamelessly and with much less regret next time.  Moreover, there will be no expectations of anything other than having a fun time hanging out with friends and spending at least an hour on $20 at a blackjack table.  Everything else will simply be a bonus, and it will be treated as such.


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