Take a Load off Fannie

April 20, 2012

Not a bad way to end the week.

Here are the highlights:

• Met Gretchen Bleiler.  She autographed my ALEX water bottle cap.  She actually remembered my name when I came back an hour later to retake a picture with her.  She’s a cutie/babe/sweetheart/badass.
• Met Bob Burnquist.  Cool guy, but no where near as friendly as Gretchen.
• Won a pair of Bob Burnquist edition sunglasses; had Bob Burnquist sign the bag it comes with.
•  Ate about 1/5 of a small special cookie and ended up getting uncomfortably high.  Very contrary to what I believed, Kid A isnot a good album to listen to when you’re high.  I’ve never tripped balls before, but that CD was like a mind-fuck since I was listening to and feeling every single detail in the song.  Eventually had to hide in a conference room and take a nap.  Intended it to be a 15 minute nap, but woke up an hour and 20 minutes later instead, just in time to leave work.

Too bad shit like this doesn’t happen every week.


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