Denoted by a Scene Unfair

May 14, 2012

Is it so wrong that it feels so right that I’m writing li- embellishments on my resume?  I’m adding shit on there that I learned about in school that I:  don’t do; wish we did; had tried to start doing– at work.  After attempting the honest route and having it gotten me nothing but rejection emails, including from agencies that are supposedly trying super hard to get you a job so they can get paid, I will try what my old classmate tried.  It did, after all, get him a job.  My tolerance for my boss is quickly running low, and I’m pretty sure I want to punch her in the face.  I knew this day would come, when my streak of fucking awesome bosses who I would gladly obey would come to a screeching halt.  I didn’t, however, anticipate it being this bad.

It’s also worth noting how coincidentally ominous that Yahoo’s CEO just got caught lying about his education just a week ago.  Since when does shit like this get noted in the news so prominently?  Since I’ve seriously considered/began taking actions towards a more mischievous approach to new employment, apparently.  Hey god, you’re fucking with me, right?  While I can’t attest to the CEO’s knowledge of Computer Science (the degree that he feigned possession of), I know that I’m knowledgeable of these embellishments I write about.  To further justly justify this, I dare say that it’s better to fudge your resume about something you actually know about than to talk/dick suck your way to a position you have no business heading (pun intended).


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