After All the Jacks Are in Their Boxes

June 4, 2012

And then, another year passed.  It was a quiet birthday weekend, but a pleasant one.   I indulged in (seriously) nothing but junk food.  The only meal that was not junk food was eaten in excessive amounts to where it was probably worse than junk food.  Actually, as a matter of pure fact, I ate so much crap that my abs hurt.  They were slightly sore as though I did sit-ups.  But in truth, they were undoubtedly sore today because they were being stretched out with all that shit that was sitting in my abdomen.  I also drank a good amount of alcohol, and watched a good amount of DVDs.  All in all, when I look back on this weekend, I will probably remember being “in the zone” most of the time.  The zone is a good place to be.

Been applying to jobs here and there.  It’s quite the roller coaster ride.  Sometimes I would see a lot of potential, even hear back from one or two, then the track plummets from the lack of responses.  Most of the companies that has been looking promising are out of state, so unless I find something local, that’s what it’s looking like now.  It started to really freak me out when I had a phone interview with a company in Chicago.  Optimistic me was thinking about how cool it’d be to live there, but was scared shitless of actually going about it.  Realistic me was not surprised that stupid me fucked up the phone interview, and relieved me sighed a sigh of relief when that ordeal was over.

I’m starting to do some work for a start-up app that will hopefully go big.  I’m pretty excited because they actually want me to do relevant stuff.  Of course, this shit is unpaid, but at least now I can mention relevant experience and not have to make my irrelevant experience sound amazing through big words.  My other friend wants me to do some user interface design for a business he and his friend are trying to start up too.  I shall see how that pans out.  If either of these start-ups become profitable, I better at least get a fucking job opportunity from this.

Mad Men.  This season is so god damn depressing and annoyingly short.  But it keeps drawing me in.  I need someone to talk to this about!

Wedding(s) coming up.  I’m excited– particularly because I won’t be subjected to playing music during the wedding and then pretend people didn’t think I sucked while I’m sitting with them at the reception.  There will be copious amounts of schmoozing and boozing as well.

I reckon it’s about the same time as last year that the inkling of an idea to “backpack” through Europe was set in mind.  I figured I should start fully figuring out where to go for another trip at the end of the year.  Europe, yes.  But where in Europe is puzzling me.  I’ve been hearing good things about Australia and South America too.  I really hope someone comes along this time to experience the–and I don’t use this term lightly–awesomeness, or maybe I’ll meet up with some people I met when I traveled last year.  That would be pretty cool.  If not, then that’s hunky dory too.  I will relish the shit out of exploring alone again.


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